Key Dates

23 March - Launch Deadline
15 June - Standard Deadline
14 September - Extended Deadline
22 September - Judging
11 October - Winners Announced
21 November - Awards Presentation

Modern Interpretation of Classical Style

Project Overview

The site is a new apartment. The name of the project is "Modern Interpretation of Classical Style" because of the client's expectations and needs for the space. The family of four had different ideas, so the design team magnified the beauty of lines in the neo-classical elements. The lines create a beautiful framework for the space. Complex trims can be changed to create a gorgeous visual effect, while simple and clean lines can convey grandeur. Finally, the use of high-quality materials creates a refined and practical home.
The smooth, soaring dome in the dining area creates a stunning visual effect. The circular shape of the dome echoes the round dining table, harmonizing Eastern and Western design elements. For the client, the project beautifully presents a comfortable home for the family. On the other hand, for the design team, the space is a translation of their understanding and interpretation of neo-classical.





Project Brief

"The simplicity and power of geometric shapes is a classic. Soft curves, straight lines, and the definition of space can be emphasized."

The project is based on a timeless light color scheme. Space is a container that carries the core of life, and the function of serving daily life is as important as the pursuit of visual aesthetics. Geometry is a fundamental element in all designs. The project is a clever interplay of geometrical and circular shapes, which is part of the neo-classical spectrum, but also reveals the thoughts and ideas of the design team.

The double lines of the frame outline the boundaries of the areas, while the rounded dome reveals the family's reunion. The sequence and neatness of the nine-patterned grid greet the visitors. The shapes have hidden meanings, and unseen languages that are already embedded in the mind, and the project just happened to leave a place for them.

Project Need

Geometry Shapes Subconsciousness: Geometric lines can inspire people's imagination. Straight lines give a sense of rhythm to a space by its rules and regulations. The living room is elegant and full of visual changes with earthy tones and gorgeous but not complicated trims. The walls on both sides of the sofa are fitted with gray mirrors to create a clean and transparent view and framed with trims and wallpaper to form a symmetrical and grand look. The design team conveyed the essence of the space through the layers of lines, completing an exquisite design that relaxes people's subconscious.

Western-style dome and Chinese-style round table: The ceiling in the dining area is a sleek and high dome. The round shape of the dome echoes the round table. The project presents a neo-classical look while using furniture that is more in tune with the oriental culture. The fusion of Chinese and Western elements is perfectly realized in the space, and the artistic decorations around the walls serve as the highlights. Metals and mirrors create a sense of visual transparency, and finally, a crystal chandelier reveals the prelude to a life of luxury and elegance.

Design Challenge

From the early stage of planning, the client had great trust in the design team. After expressing their clear needs and styles, they handed over the project to the design team. The design concept not only satisfies the client's basic living conditions but also strives for a breakthrough in neo-classical style. In the interweaving of frames and lines, the space is stacked with a style that is different from the ornate. Furthermore, the furnishings are also customized by the design team, and the meticulous workmanship also meant a lot of effort.


In terms of lighting, the design team modified the beams and the walls in the private area to make the direction of light more in line with the natural law and to enhance the interior lighting. Both social and private areas have bright natural light, thus reducing electricity consumption for artificial lighting. For building materials, the project uses green building materials that comply with national standards. There is no excessive formaldehyde emission in the indoor environment, which makes the home harmless to the human body.
The ventilation is achieved after reducing unnecessary wastage of space due to the change in layout. With the removal of the corridor, the open plan can emphasize the advantage of good ventilation.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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