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Project Overview

The project's original staircase cut through space and created too many corners, obstructing traffic flow while making uneven areas and leaving a shady space underneath it. A floating staircase fixed to the wall that sits in front of large windows solves the issue, reducing the volumes that block the movement and forming an open square layout. It creates an interplay between light and shade, allowing the residents to feel the time changes as sunlight moves. It also becomes the main focal feature while the space underneath is used as a rest area. Integrating the bathroom and kitchen wall removes oddly-shaped corners and enlarges usable space.

Project Commissioner

Mojo Design Studio

Project Creator

Mojo Design Studio

Project Brief

We revamp the corner staircase into a multi-functional volume with an aesthetic design. Reducing the structure's weight and volume, the floating staircase becomes the stage for light and shadow. The hanging timber steps allow light to filter through as the glass railing creates a sense of lightness and enhances safety. On the second floor, a section of glass flooring running alongside the staircase guides the daylight to the second floor and illuminates downstairs with light fixtures at night.
As a spatial layout determines how the changes of light and shade are displayed, the focal staircase not only connects the levels but features the interplay of light and shadow. The floating staircase with the background of bare concrete wall surface forms an aesthetical and practical volume, inviting in natural light and creating varied patterns of light and shade throughout the day. Without layering materials and designs, we set the stage for light and shade with a more accessible lifestyle.

Project Innovation/Need

This residence of a family with young children is designed with a focus on child-caring and family companionship. We turn the space underneath the staircase into a spacious play area instead of storage space, and the kitchen is enlarged by removing the corners that block views. Bringing in sunlight and incorporating the traffic flow through the living room, dining room, and kitchen allow the parents to attend to children and household chores at the same time while enjoying comfortable home life.
In the 6-meter tall two-story home, the original high-­ceilinged space is reinvented into usable new space on the second floor with steel structure flooring, while partial glass flooring adds a see-through effect and reduces oppressive feeling. The formerly extended balcony outside the master bedroom is turned into a study to improve the efficiency of multi-story space.

Design Challenge

The swell step on the stairs is extended from the foyer to the area behind the sofa. Family and friends can sit here for relaxation and interaction. It’s also a safe play area for kids as the low level won’t block views yet can define the areas. A series of various-sized stair volumes bridge the swell step and hanging treads while drawers are designed on the side for storage and increase usable space. The whole staircase is composed of three elements in the principle of “form follows function.”


The changing light and shade are some of the key factors for a delightful living space. As the project sits on the ground floor with large windows, we use shutters to avoid direct sunlight and secure privacy. Ever-changing patterns of light and shade form as sunlight filters through the shutters and artificial lighting sheds lights on various-sized stair volumes. The aesthetic space is designed with the home decor that reduces hardware installations while increasing the flexibility of changing.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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