Key Dates

20 July 2023 - Launch Deadline
21 September 2023 - Standard Deadline
7 December 2023 - Extended Deadline
15 December 2023 - Judging
10 January - Winners Announced


Project Overview

In the 83-square-meter house, the designer has eradicated the spatial limitations, creating multiple possibilities. The designer sets the color white and gray as the base tone for the residence and uses simple and neat lines to arrange the space ratio. The dark iron pieces and furniture appropriately bring a sense of weight, carrying composure and stability to the pure color space. The wrap-around layout plan allows the sunlight to travel through different areas in the house, creating a livable, comfortable, and cozy home environment.


Large Form Interior Design



Project Brief

The large area of the light color tone and fantastic lighting welcome the natural light indoors. The extensive line of interior design has enhanced the visual sense of space. The sliding door is cleverly placed to blur the boundaries of space and bring excellent mobility to the residence. While keeping the interior bright and comfortable, the privacy of the personal living space is still maintained. The interior is not overly decorated, and the practical and straightforward design and floor planning create more possibilities between the occupants and the space.

Project Innovation/Need

In the house, a large amount of natural light flows through the house from the living room’s window beside the couch, lighting up the entire home. The mirrored cabinet doors were cleverly placed at the entrance, amplifying the sense of space. The large area of white cabinets and light gray walls, combined with the narrow and long layout of the house, seems peaceful and orderly under the guidance of light. The public living area is open, which extends the entire living surroundings. Besides, sufficient lighting has decreased the sense of pressure from the walls. On the other hand, the blue L-shaped sofa in the living room adds a touch of color to the white and gray, bringing a different vibe to the space. The TV wall in the living room is equipped with hanging drawers and cabinets to reduce visual disorder and satisfy the client’s storage needs. The designer resourcefully played with the layout planning, breaking through the strict spatial restrictions, making the interior space like a box, connecting different interior areas, and creating infinite possibilities.

Design Challenge

The black-stoned kitchen island is connected to the wooden dining table. The extended countertop can function as a dining table and a working space for the homeowner. The wooden and transparent sliding glass door differentiates the dining area and the bedroom while maintaining visual clarity. The bedroom floor is elevated, with a hidden storage area and table set up. When the bedding is put away in the daytime, the space could function as a reading room, a tea area, etc. By producing multiple purposes for one place, the designer has maximized the efficiency of the small residence. The space between the bedrooms is designed to be a wardrobe space, creating extra storage space and making excellent sound insulation. The height difference in the area adds layers to the simple design, while the stairs smooth out the height difference, forming an interesting spatial form.


The interior designer selected a system cabinet made of healthy and environmentally friendly low-formaldehyde boards for this project. All wood-made boards and corner materials are at the F3 level that meets the low-formaldehyde standard and are matched with island-type ultra-wear-resistant wood floors of the same level. As for the paint, the entire residence is painted with healthy and environmentally friendly latex paint. At the window seats in the living room, a large amount of natural light is shining into the house. As a result, during the day, the time of turning the lights on could be reduced to prolong the life cycle of the lamps and minimize power consumption.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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