2014 Sydney Design Awards

Crawleys Imperial Shaker Machine

Image Credit : Mel Kouchavlis


Project Overview

I have created the worlds rarest and most expensive cocktail shaking machine from a 200 year old Victorian line drawing. It now stands six feet tall, made of cast iron, silver plate and solid brass. 4 copper based cocktail shakers in the shape of WW2 Spitfire Armour Piercing Shells adorn the top of it. Will be featured on the FRONT COVER of USA's leading billionaire catalogue "Neiman Marcus", this Christmas 2014.


Crawley's Pty Ltd


Jason Crawley & Rob Uivel

Project Brief

No-one really knew if they ever really existed 200 years ago. Non have been found, making this the true unicorn of the global cocktail fraternity.

Crawley's Imperial Shaker is a faithful reproduction of the original machine, “Crawley’s Imperial Shaker” is a stunning hand crank design representing the finest in elegant Victorian antiquity and craftsmanship, and is a high-end, luxury item for those who choose the fine and rare things in life. With its antique look and 21st-century manufacturing, the Imperial Shaker represents a radical new industry aesthetic and an innovative new genre-breaking movement in design. The first 12 available Imperial Shakers are already being pre-sold around the world to serious collectors and devoted cocktail enthusiasts.

Project Innovation/Need

This is a world first. It brings a radical new aesthetic to the spirits industry: it looks like it is from another time but still somehow looks contemporary. It has transcended, the 'collaborative-magpie' essence of steam punk with victorian depth, elegance and realistic credible function.

The outcomes to the market are spirit brands can engage their customers in new and engaging ways they can understand and get involved with.

Design Challenge

The design challenge was getting people to work in ancient metals and understanding the historic sensitivity around it and the inevitable purist gaze and scrutiny it receives. We had to fabricate several machines from scratch to be able to make many of the components: such as self lubricating bearings and self centering locator mechanisms.

Moreover, it had to actually work, add value to operations, have a look to be able to feel comfortable in any window on NYC's 5th Avenue but also at home in small hipster bars.

It had to be large scale, much bigger than the 4' tall bar top mounted original.

We had to find a sweet spot of elliptical movement (its shake) with stability to the frame posing serious design headaches.


Locally produced, keeping the few remaining iron casting foundries open and connected to global spirits companies for increased production in the future.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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