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Project Overview

Office Hub offers flexible, furnished or unfurnished workspaces that you can rent by the day, month or year. You can find the right office space for your budget and requirements. Filling empty spaces is their mission and the best way to do that is to find the right tenants for the perfect space. Office Hub uses it’s award winning combination of personal client service and advanced website listing to offer the best solution for client and business owners. This personal approach means that the prospective tenants we book in to tour your space are qualified and on brief to what your space offers

The online website lists spaces in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Linked directly with SalesForce with custom integration, it allows for real-time updates, tour bookings, enquiries, listing office spaces and much more.

The team at Smart Robbie created WALTA for Office Hub. WALTA (Workspace Availability and Lead Tracking Assistant) is your very own assistant, there 24x7 to help you manage all your marketing, leads and listings. WALTA empowers the workspace owner to manage their own campaigns to reflect real-time occupancy and pricing that is linked to dedicated workspaces. WALTA is the only portal in the world that can do this and it’s only available at Office Hub.

Project Commissioner

Office Hub

Project Creator

Smart Robbie


Robyn Smart – Director and Digital Producer, Smart Robbie
Dave Baker – Programmer, Smart Robbie
Rebecca Philipp – Brand Manager, Office Hub

Project Brief

Office Hub website required a completely new rebuild. The Office Hub website was built in WordPress allowing open source integration with different systems.

Custom development and advanced coding for a 2-way integration between Office Hub's SalesForce system and the website.

9431 listings needed to be pushed from SalesForce directly to WordPress to be listed in real time. The website required intuitive client user experience and allow a potential client to find the right space for their requirements and easily make enquiries or book a tour.

Information from the website needs to feed back into SalesForce in real time for quick client service and Office Hub Sales team to match the right tenants to the right space.

WALTA (Workspace Availability and Lead Tracking Assistant) backend system required to allow business owners to update and manage their leads and listings in real time. The system also requires the ability for business owners to add more locations and spaces to their profile. WALTA is an innovative build linking multiple systems together. This unique technology was developed by Smart Robbie for Office Hub.

Project Need

Office Hub’s new system needs to allow for real time update of office spaces. Clients needs to be able to search within 2.5km to 50km of their search location and filter results by area, people, workspace type, and price.

The online search allows clients to filter results to get a more tailored result to meet their needs.

Clients can quickly book a tour, make enquires or ask Office Hub for assistance in finding the right space for them.

Office Hub simplifies the lives of our clients while helping business owners make revenue from empty spaces.

The Office Hub platform increases the number of spaces available to book and sales enquires which is supported by a dedicated sales team.

The project required 9,431 properties to be synchronised between SalesForce and WordPress. Algorithms were used to determine which of these listings were to display publicly and what order they would appear in. If a change to a listing was made in SalesForce, that change needed to be visible on the public website in real time. The platform needed to synchronise 47,000 property tours between SalesForce and the custom WALTA portal. WALTA allows a property manager to login and view any upcoming tours booked on their listings. The property manager can leave feedback and change details for a tour via WALTA, these changes are fed back into SalesForce to build up a profile and determine the best possible listing for a client. 

User Experience

In 3 easy steps the client is able to find a work space and book a tour:

1. Select location and number of required word desks
2. View office spaces on the map or list overview
3. Select the office space of their choice to view more details and book a tour.

With the real time enquires, Office Hub will call the client to confirm the tour booking and their current requirements.

The platform also needs to be easy to use for any businesses listed. They can easily login and update their listings at any time including adding additional listings if more spaces become available.

Project Marketing

The project was supported with an overhaul of the Adwords campaign, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram marketing. EDMs were also sent out to the market introducing the new innovative WALTA system and the new website.

This new system is also allowing Office Hub to introduce the system to new markets overseas.

Project Privacy

Office Hub Portal has a backend system called WALTA for business owners to control the information that is displayed publicly including price. The business owners also can view client enquiries and tour bookings through the backend portal. All of this information is kept secure.

All systems are password protected and comply with the strict security standards. All information is also backed up in real time.

This can be any new service or application from a start-up to an industry leader. It’s not just bells and whistles we're after but true innovation, exceeding expectations and filling a void that had previously been open.
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