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Project Overview

InsideRadiology has a mission to be the leading Australasian resource on clinical radiology tests, procedures, and interventions, providing up-to-date information to health consumers and health professionals and improving doctor-patient communication.

As the previous website was built on static PHP pages, it made it difficult to administrate. The new website was developed on WordPress, satisfying the requirement for a content management system that enabled the team to administrate updates and edits with ease following deployment.

Project Commissioner

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

Project Creator



RANZCR - Philip Munro - Manager, Quality and Standards
RANZCR - Craig Horton - Head of Information Technology
Butterfly - Beth Evans - Digital Producer
Butterfly - Sophie Anderton - Senior Designer

Project Brief

The redesign and development of the InsideRadiology responsive website was sponsored by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) and was produced through a collaborative effort between an SEO specialist, content writers, Butterfly and RANZCR.

The aim of the InsideRadiology website is to provide consumers (patients, carers, potential users of radiology) and referrers (general practitioners, specialists and other health professionals) with accurate, up-to-date information about radiology procedures and interventions that is easy to use and understand.

Project Need

InsideRadiology is a conduit of communication between RANZCR, health consumers, and health professionals; further promoting the role and value of clinical radiology and clinical radiologists in patient care.

InsideRadiology has two key audiences to cater for: health consumers (patients, their families and friends), and health professionals (referring clinicians and allied health professionals).

The site boasts over 100 pages of professionally certified industry content specifically relating to treatments and tests which can be discovered through a customised set of search filters and menu structures.

The inclusion of print friendly functionality across all pages ensures the site content will be easily downloaded and/or printed by the user, and to cater for the administrators’ experience the website was developed in WordPress, with SEO and mobile first front of mind.

User Experience

As an informational resource for the industry, the user experience for finding information easily and quickly is a key requirement. Google Analytics shows that:

- Referring domains have increased 75% since deployment
- 126,427 sessions from organic search for June 2017
- The top five informational pages have a combined 42,549 sessions for June 2017

Project Marketing

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Project Privacy

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