2019 Sydney Design Awards

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Melrose One, Melrose Park

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Project Overview

Melrose Park is the new Australian dream, a welcoming neighbourhood with a sense of place. Beautiful residences, public spaces, vibrant shopping, and dining precincts set the stage for new friendships and possibilities, reflecting the values that make Sydney a cosmopolitan city.

Meet ‘Melrose One’. Carefully considered from every angle, this enclave of three buildings impresses on every level – their dynamic, curved forms blending seamlessly, and smartly, with the environment.
The perfect balance of stunning design and natural beauty, One Melrose has raised the bar to create a new benchmark in living, inside and out.

Melrose One at Melrose Place celebrates a multi-faceted and multi-cultural lifestyle, Melrose Park Residences will excite, inspire and connect.




PAYCE - Developer
Sekisui House - Joint Venture Partners
Allen Jack+Cottier (AJ+C) - Architect
Turf - Landscape Architects
M Projects - Project Manager
Boston Marketing - Sales & Marketing

Project Brief

Melrose Park has been imagined for the Modern Australian, people who are citizens of the world. Wherever they’re from or wherever they’ve been, Modern Australians appreciate change and adventure, seeking new experiences every day. A development of impressive scale, the masterplan has been thoughtfully envisioned for a robust social fabric, harmonious living, and the long-term future.

The project brief outlines a place that is productive, liveable, smart and sustainable. Over time Melrose Park will be a creative and connected place with innovative and sustainable new employment opportunities, significantly contributing to the economic growth of the City of Parramatta and Western Sydney. It will become a social and engaging place, providing housing choices and diversity, high quality expansive green spaces and fantastic amenities, making Melrose Park a great place to live.

Project Innovation/Need

Melrose Park will be unlike anywhere else — a living, breathing expression of beauty and intelligence. Unifying nature and the future as one, Melrose Park will be transformed into a smart, social place — a ‘Living City’ that engages and inspires everyday life with its productivity, sustainability and creativity.

Nestled along Parramatta River, just 6km from the Parramatta CBD and well-connected, Melrose Park Stage One will be home to over 200 smart homes. More than just a place to live, visit or work — Melrose Park is set to become the future of Sydney living. Say hello to tomorrow.

Melrose One will offer beautiful homes infused with progress. Passive-energy design, sustainable construction and integrated smart-home technology will truly connect each residence to the environment; while the high-end finishes, considered interiors and European appliances will elevate every moment. Inside and out, Melrose will raise the benchmark in living.

Melrose Park will be a leader in Smart City initiatives, promoting modern city living which embraces data and technology to drive efficiency, liveability, and sustainability. It will be a new integrated and balanced community that focuses on wellbeing and sustainable outcomes, including environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Design Challenge

Everything about One Melrose is designed to make life smoother. Every home is a smart home, and every street a better way forward. With world-class technology and future-ready infrastructure – not to mention Smart City transport at your door.

When it comes to personal space, One Melrose will have more than enough for everyone. It will have rooftop gardens with sweeping views, enclosed, sun-filled winter gardens adjoining living spaces and sleeping spaces, to keep you in touch with nature while providing natural light and ventilation all-year round.

And as Melrose Park grows and flourishes, new parks and open spaces will come to life. Playgrounds, BBQ areas, community gardens and more will inspire moments of discovery and extended relaxation.

Tomorrow has a lot to look forward to at Melrose Park.


It pays to be smart and at Melrose Park rewards will be reaped. Innovation drives perpetual improvement, Melrose Park will be a Smart City designed to get smarter.

This astute approach to urban design combines the practical as well as the natural advantages of intelligent sustainability.

Advance technologies monitor environmental conditions. Clever Rainwater collection sustains the gardens, lawns and trees. New generation street lighting and smart Way-finding poles discreetly yet clearly illuminate the neighbourhood. Electric car charging stations, as well as Melrose Park Apps for everyone to enjoy, full of useful information about the neighbourhood.

In the residence, NBN rapid connectivity will be provided and Wi-Fi enabled hotspots and charging stations will be located throughout.

On this path to improvement, renewable energy sources will increasingly power technological advantages while enriching the environment.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow. The project can be a concept, tender or personal project, i.e. proposed space.
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