Project Overview

An iconic landmark on the Melbourne skyline, 101 Collins Street is arguably Australia’s pre-eminent workplace community. For over 30 years, it has retained its premium status as home to some of the city’s most prestigious and high profile tenants. It features a spectacular entry foyer, elegant artwork and classic architecture.

Following on from the strategic rebrand of 101 Collins, Hundredweight developed One Hundred and One, a new bi-yearly business & lifestyle magazine. Our in-depth and collaborative process for the publication’s creation included; publication naming, editorial content development, photography and art direction as well as design and production.

Project Commissioner

AXA Investment Managers

Project Creator



Stephen Robertson - Creative Director
Craig Devitt - Managing Director
Charlie Chhay - Senior Account Manager
Camilla Belton - Editorial Director/ Writing for Design

Project Brief

Our brief was to create a magazine that serves as a foundation for insightful thought leadership and luxury lifestyle content to enlighten, provoke and inspire 101’s community of astute professionals. As a print publication distributed to tenants and amongst surrounding premium businesses, it was required to offer a physical touchpoint and a unique voice for the 101 Collins brand. Ongoing, the magazine is designed to act as a cultural hub for companies and organisations as they return to the office and reimagine the workplace

Project Innovation/Need

The 101 community comprises of astute professionals at the top of their respective careers. As tenants of 101 Collins, most are familiar with the building’s premium status but not of it’s underlying community culture and values. One Hundred and One has been designed to be both accessible and familiar in terms of content and connection to the 101 brand. However, rather than simply act as a brochure for the building, the journal provides more thought provoking and interesting conversations that promote corporate social responsibility, innovation and fosters a sense of perpetual evolution within the market-leading business community.

By using an oversized broadsheet format and allowing for generous use of negative space and impactful photography, the magazine aligns with both the building’s premium positioning and tenant aspirations.

Design Challenge

As a magazine, One Hundred and One was required to retain some category conventions to allow for a more intuitive reading experience and appeal to a more reserved audience. However, particular attention was given to the typographic detailing to give more contemporary and innovative cues as well as impactful photography providing a ‘window to the world of 101’ which stretched far beyond the walls of the address.

To appeal to two audience types, unique cover designs were introduced to engage to the internal audience as well as an external audience. The internal print run featured a ‘people of 101’ portrait, provoking interest from the community and appear immediately relevant to them. We also saw an opportunity to freely distribute the journal to surrounding businesses and popular CBD hospitality locations. This used an immediately recognisable image of the iconic Melbourne landmark and promoted a strong sense of connection between the building and the people of the city.

Our ultimate challenge in all placemaking design and communications is to create attraction, loyalty and subsequent advocacy for place. We feel that One Hundred and One provides the perfect vehicle for this through storytelling, showcasing and projection of values to existing tenants, future tenants and the wider Melbourne community.


With Melbourne CBD’s construction boom and many new commercial towers coming online, 101 Collins is facing stronger competition and pressures on tenant retention. Through One Hundred and One, we were able to remind the market that premiere status is earned over time, rich community is cultivated gradually and that the building is constantly evolving to assert its position as Australia’s preeminent workplace.

One Hundred and One has been successfully embraced by the 101 community by delivering a fresh perspective and distinctive voice to a renowned Melbourne workplace community, brand and culture. The magazine has increased 101’s tenant community engagement through both social media and onsite activations. The magazine has also prompted an ongoing active discussion in the 101 community on the role of the workplace and its people in a post-pandemic environment. As a bi-yearly business & lifestyle magazine, our aim is to have an ongoing positive social impact, encouraging workers to reconnect with each other, promote health and wellbeing alongside their careers and reignite their passion for a cultural and dynamic city.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching of information style to audience.
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