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Project Overview

Pablo & Rusty’s started in 2003 as a small roastery space serving like-minded cafe clients. The business has grown to include Sydney and Brisbane CBD stores, and a larger roastery venue also in Sydney. Pablo & Rusty’s provides specialty coffee to cafe’s and brands seeking ethical, sustainable and transparent coffee solutions.

The need for a new website was driven by their values – the desire to showcase not only their product range, but their growing list of certifications that include: B Corp, 1% for the Planet, and Carbon Neutral Organisations. Passionate about using business as a force for good, Pablo & Rusty’s new website ensures their values are placed front and centre to attract partners and customers that share their ethos.

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Pablo & Rusty's

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Project Brief

In engineering the new Pablo & Rusty’s website we migrated two platforms into one ecosystem – a WordPress site and a Shopify site – to create a single and cohesive brand site with multi-purpose functionality. Clean modern design and exceptional customer experience were at the top of Pablo & Rusty’s list of priorities. They wanted a site that could communicate their values, showcase their range, and make the process of sales and subscriptions as streamlined and user-friendly as possible.

Increasing sales and subscriptions was another key priority. We used heat mapping to understand customer journeys across the original website. This informed the structure of the new design to maximise sales and subscriptions. We also included interactive elements for users to help them get to know Pablo & Rusty’s products and personalise their coffee selections.

Project Need

For customers, we’ve included a user-friendly volume discount display, which showcases the discount amount dynamically as the customer purchases more products.

We’ve included an interactive ‘Find your perfect coffee quiz’ where customers can answer a few questions to reveal the Pablo & Rusty’s coffee product best suited to their palate.

And, we’ve designed a super-fast, clean, and modern looking website that tastefully marries eCommerce with a brand story that highlights progressive and sustainable values.

User Experience

As Pablo & Rusty’s had a key goal of using the website to increase subscriptions specifically, we used heat mapping on their original site to better understand customer journeys for subscription sales. This information informed the UX Design of the new site, creating a more streamlined and clear journey for the end user towards subscriptions.

Highlighting the Brand Story was also imperative for the client – Pablo & Rusty’s have a strong ‘why’ that underpins everything they do. We’ve incorporated an ‘impact’ section in the main navigation knowing that more and more customers shop with their values and are loyal to brands with aligned values. Going into more detail about certifications and ethical sourcing of raw products tells a strong brand story, and consecutively works to grow sales.

Project Marketing

Our challenge has been to deliver a smooth customer journey through online purchasing, which includes options for subscription and one-off-sales. Pablo & Rusty’s have been extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Project Privacy

The website is compliant with Australian laws, and is also GDPR compliant. The privacy policies are clearly listed out in the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy page of the website.

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