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Project Overview

Hamish & Andy are two celebrated Australian icons, hailed as our most popular entertainers, writers, producers, and comedians. They host two popular podcast series, widely listened to, that form the key content component of their website. In addition, their new-look website functions as an eCommerce site for their shop of limited edition products.

Project Commissioner

Hamish & Andy

Project Creator

Rock Agency

Project Brief

We worked with Hamish & Andy to rebrand, design and develop a new website. Our aim was to provide users with a richer online experience, with design cleanliness at the forefront of our decisions. We removed a range of unused features from their previous site, enhanced the new site with menu animations, a more streamlined information architecture and greater functionality.

We initially used heat-mapping software to understand which features and pages were redundant and could be removed to help declutter the previous site. The bonus here was also discovering how users interact with the site to, again, create the most user-friendly structure able to contain an abundance of content that’s still easy to find, fast to access, yet remains uncluttered and clean in aesthetic, even as the content continues to grow.

Project Need

New user-friendly functionality and clean user-experience informed design were our first priorities. We’ve refined the Hamish & Andy branding bringing a cleaner, more modern look to the site that captures the playful spirit of the pair. We’ve added menu animations on hover; we’ve removed redundant features; we’ve separated the podcasts into two categories for better usability and searchability; and we’ve refined contact forms and enquiry processes.

Videos get a lot of traffic on the site and there’s a lot of them. We’ve added ‘sort by’ functionality, which the previous site didn’t have, to be more user friendly.

User Experience

Using heat-mapping software was crucial for us in understanding how users engaged and interacted with Hamish & Andy’s original website – it helped us formalise wireframes for a streamlined user journey and declutter the content that wasn’t being used or viewed.

For example, heat mapping showed the photos section wasn’t getting views, we, therefore, removed it entirely. User-centric decisions like these have not only helped improve the site aesthetically, but they’ve helped better it from a speed and data perspective; which delivers to Hamish & Andy’s goal for making the site as user-friendly as possible.

Project Marketing

Feedback on Hamish & Andy’s new site has been really positive – people love the menu animations, the new look, and overall ease of using the site. We’ve still got heat-mapping software tracking the site to better understand how people interact with it. It’s a high-traffic site and we can see people mostly interacting with the podcast, video and shop pages, which is confirmation that the structural decisions we’ve made were the right ones.

Project Privacy

The website is compliant with Australian laws. The privacy policies are clearly listed out in the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy page of the website.

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