Project Overview

Third Aesthetic joined the collaboration to bring a luxury residence at 30-40 Newcastle St Rose Bay to the market. Closely working with the renowned MHNDU Architects and award winning Interior designer Lawless&Myerson. Aurora and NG Corporate tasked Third Aesthetic to develop the off the plan brand experience and visually bring the luxury property to life.

Project Commissioner

NG Corporate

Project Creator

third aesthetic pty ltd


Mark Hunter - Direction/Creative Director
Tim Bradford - Associate Director
Rachel Fowler - Project Director
Matthew Rich - Studio Lead
Reuben Davies - Senior Artist
Martins Zeme - Senior Artist
Meghan Geldens - Senior Modeller
Ryan Coy - Animation and VFX Director
Evgenii Baisa - Creative Lead
Ilja van Eck - Web Developer
Copywriter - Paul Dunne
Pete Chiodo - Creative advisor

Project Brief

The brief was to develop a creative and innovative brand experience for an off the plan residential development to be built at 38 Newcastle St, Rose Bay. The aim of the brand and marketing strategy was to persuade the audience to take action by enquiring further about the property and ultimately purchasing one of the units. Third Aesthetic was entrusted to develop and roll out a brand, designed in response to Rose Bay’s beautiful and exclusive geographical context whilst also highlighting the high-end quality of the project’s materiality and architectural form. Various conceptual strategies were needed to engage the audience with a clear message and create an experience that would carry them through this process as smoothly and enjoyably as possible.

Project Innovation/Need

This project needed to highlight both the luxurious nature of the development itself, and the exclusive and serine location of Rose Bay. The brand and marketing strategy needed to speak to the beauty of the Neo-Mediterranean inspired architecture, with its sweeping curves, and of course the location, as well as nodding to the various design strategies and material choices of development. Third Aesthetic developed a branding concept package that was used to inform every design and aesthetic decision that was made in the construction of the brand and marketing materials. The name “Callista” was born (translated from Ancient Greek to ‘she is the most beautiful’), in a nod to the Neo-Mediterranean design influences of the architecture, the waterfront location, and the beauty and femininity of the building itself. The soft lighting of the imagery, the warm tones and nautical colour theme that was used to grade the CGI’s and photography, the composition and styling of the interior spaces, as well as the animated online content and the printed branding collateral itself were all lead by these central unifying brand concepts.

Design Challenge

A key challenge was not only to compete with, and stand out from, other branding developments on the increasingly competitive market, but also in adapting to the constraint of having no sales suite to showcase some of the key design elements and material choices in person. This meant that the heavy lifting of convincing the audience of the quality of these design elements, workmanship and materials, fell to Third Aesthetics' CGI team; the quality and photo-realism of the imagery that they were able to produce, was fundamental to the success of the project. The REA’s, EDMs and landing pages also needed to be especially.

User Experience

The printed ads in the Wentworth Courier and Domain generated a significant number of enquiries directly, and the use of QR codes (now used ubiquitously since the pandemic) directed a considerable amount of online traffic to the Callista website, where the audience was treated to an even more visually engaging experience, with animated imagery, video, and beautifully curated content.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for branded experiences intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, user experience, audience engagement and message delivery.
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