Project Overview

Merrylands is a neighbourhood rich in tradition, where generations of families have built a community that is strong, proud and welcoming to all.

Conceptualised as a new town centre and ‘Eat Street’ for Merrylands, Coronation Property needed a space to showcase their vision for the future and the company’s deep understanding of the suburb while giving the local community a taste of what’s to come. Beyond just a display suite, they needed a space to deliver an experience, and a place to create a connection.


Coronation Property

Project Brief

To set the project apart, Coronation Property partnered with leading global architect Woods Bagot to develop a state-of-the-art display gallery with two built-to-size apartments that allowed prospective buyers and the local community to immerse themselves in the development and experience Coronation’s vision.

For that reason, Coronation Property included a café for the community and purchasers to get a sense of the retail feel that’s to come, they styled two built-to-scale apartments highlighting the different colour schemes and finishes and included various building and design features that showcased the intricate architectural brick detailing of the Mason & Main development.

Collaboration between Coronation Property’s project team and Woods Bagot led to a design which feels part of the neighbourhood and perfectly at home. The extensive use of bricks creates a building with a rare strength of character and a timeless quality which will stand with pride for generations to come.

Project Innovation/Need

There are several reasons the Mason & Main display suite experience is innovative and iconic:

The display suite was about the community from the outset. It was purposefully designed as more than a sales space, but a place to create connections through community events that encouraged locals to come down and mingle with their neighbours, to get excited about Coronation’s vision, enjoy food and coffee, entertainment and more.

It is also highly unusual for developers and project marketers to invest so significantly in a display suite that is a temporary structure. Coronation Property has always placed a strong emphasis on the importance of display suites, including a to-scale design of the apartments to ensure prospective purchasers are confident in the quality, build and aesthetic of what they’re buying.

As an integrated developer and builder, they have the luxury of managing the process in-house to ensure everything from initial plans and branding, to design consistency and functionality is delivered throughout the entire property purchasing experience, which all begins in the display suite.

Most importantly, the Mason & Main display demonstrates the company’s commitment to bringing a new level of architecture, design and amenity to an area typically overlooked for these kinds of projects.

Design Challenge

Located on the arterial road of Merrylands, the vision for Mason & Main was bringing to fruition a master-planned development unlike anything else in the area that would also be embraced and celebrated by the local community.

As an emerging suburb on the brink of significant government investment, the design challenges centred around selling the future of Merrylands, with the exceptional design quality and architecture attracting a higher price point than previously seen in the area.

As a company with strong local ties to the suburb, Coronation Property needed a premium display suite journey that encapsulated the essence of Merrylands and delivered a fully immersive and engaging experience that touched on all senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Through collaboration and careful planning, the Mason & Main display suite design evolved into a space where potential purchasers and the broader community could come to interact with the development and contextualise the price point.

User Experience

While the architecture and interiors on show at the display suite essentially sold themselves, a series of pop-up events held at the display suite reinforced the Mason & Main development as a family-friendly lifestyle destination and vibrant ‘Eat Street’ just five minutes from Parramatta CBD.

“Meet the Team” evenings with Woods Bagot garnered interest across the region while a series of highly publicised sales and community engagement activations to reinforce Coronation Property’s vision of a new town centre for Merrylands, give the local community a taste of what’s to come and allow buyers to see and touch the different elements of their future home.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for branded experiences intended to persuade an audience to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas or services. Consideration given to the technical, conceptual and aesthetic elements, user experience, audience engagement and message delivery.
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