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Project Overview

The "Wanjin Azalea" project, initiated in 2021, is a three-year venture aimed at promoting Northern Taiwan's Rhododendron industry. Despite facing challenges in rejuvenating a traditionally overlooked industry and engaging the younger generation, the project made strides in incorporating Rhododendrons into daily life. The innovative methods included annual exhibitions, cross-industry collaborations for customized products, and a yearly themed diary. The project stimulated active farmer participation, artistic interests, and attracted major KOLs, resulting in media recognition and an opportunity to exhibit at Taipei's Daan Forest Park in spring 2023.

Project Commissioner

Agriculture Bureau, New Taipei City Government

Project Creator

24 Scheme Co.,Ltd.


Agriculture Bureau, New Taipei City Government,
24 Scheme Team

Project Brief

In Northern Taiwan, there is an area known for its production of rhododendrons, accounting for 80% of Taiwan's demand for flower seedlings. With at least 300 varieties thriving here, the farmers' superb cultivation techniques are often overlooked. Despite its impressive output, this industry works silently in the background. How can it be brought into the spotlight?

Project Innovation/Need

After understanding the situation of Northern Taiwan's Rhododendron industry, the New Taipei City Government's Agriculture Bureau teamed up with creative teams in 2021. Over three years, they started the operation of the rhododendron industry in Wanli and Jinshan under the brand "Wanjin Azalea". The symbolic meaning of rhododendron is "only belongs to you", which extends the brand strategy: "Accompanying Everyday Life". We plan to integrate this flower of the masses into daily life to bring it closer to people.

We have used several methods to integrate "Wanjin Azalea" into daily life:
"Flower Cluster" Exhibition: Every year when the rhododendrons bloom in spring, we partner with artists and designers to hold a large outdoor flower show by the Matzu River in Wanli. Each cluster represents a living situation, showcasing a variety of styles and bringing the beauty of the daily presence of rhododendrons to the audience.

"Cross-industry Cooperation": Collaborating with local stylish businesses to launch custom-made "Wanjin Azalea" co-branded cultural creative products. We also hold "Mini Flower Exhibitions" at different seasons, encouraging locals to embrace the vitality of "Wanjin Azalea".

"Rhododendron-themed Diary": The only annual diary in Taiwan designed around the rhododendron flower, debuting at the end of the year and gifted at the beginning of the year, with hand-drawn Wanjin Azalea accompanying the owners in their daily lives throughout the new year.

Design Challenge

Revitalizing the overlooked Rhododendron industry and encouraging younger generation participation were the principal design challenges in the "Wanjin Azalea" project. These tasks necessitated devising innovative strategies to integrate Rhododendrons seamlessly into daily life, resonate with the public, and stay true to the local culture and industry spirit. Additionally, developing unique and appealing "Wanjin Azalea" products through cross-industry cooperation required striking a balance between aesthetic appeal, functionality, and local industry promotion.

User Experience

In the past three years, we have garnered attention from the public and various areas:
Local farmers are proud to be seen because of the Wanjin Azalea, and are more involved in promotional activities. The second generation has also returned to take over the business.
The number of artists and designers willing to participate has increased year by year.
During the event, it has become a popular target for major KOLs to attend.
In late spring 2023, we were invited to exhibit in Taipei's Daan Forest Park, marking the first collaboration of flower exhibitions in Taipei and New Taipei City.
The media have been vying to report on this, garnering widespread responses.

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