Key Dates

29 February - Launch Deadline
23 May - Standard Deadline
25 July - Late Deadline
23 August - Judging
4 September - Winners Announced



Project Overview

The primary goal of ANTA GUANJUN, a subdivision of the Anta brand matrix specializing in premium outdoor sports gear, is to supply high-performance, top-quality products to outdoor sports enthusiasts in the Chinese market. These products are designed to offer comprehensive protection and comfort in challenging environmental conditions. The ANTA GUANJUN POLAR SUMMIT DOWN JACKET serves as a concentrated embodiment of the brand's ethos, integrating technological innovation, environmental considerations, and practicality to deliver exceptional warmth. It is engineered to effectively withstand extremely cold climates.


Anta Sports Goods Group Co., Ltd.


Anta Sports Goods Group Co., Ltd.

Project Brief

This down jacket has been meticulously engineered to embody high performance and sustainability. Its exterior is crafted from the globally renowned Dermizax material, incorporating recycled nylon to create a 2L waterproof and breathable fabric. Additionally, Cordura's wear-resistant material is strategically integrated into high-stress areas to enhance the product's longevity. With exceptional waterproof and windproof attributes, this jacket fulfills user requirements for protection in diverse weather conditions, including extreme cold, wind, and snow.
Furthermore, the utilization of recycled nylon materials underscores the brand's steadfast dedication to sustainable development.

Project Innovation/Need

The down jacket is treated with fully waterproof press-glued lamination process, making it suitable for extreme wind, snow, and cold conditions. Its inner fabric incorporates infrared heat radiation technology, enabling efficient warmth retention. This is complemented by 350g 90/10 high-quality goose down filling and innovative hexagonal down packing technology, creating an exceptional heat circulation system that ensures a constant body temperature.

The jacket features functional design elements such as imported YKK waterproof zippers, silent zip heads, and non-slip pull tabs, allowing users smooth movement in low-temperature conditions. Its mid-length hood, designed based on Asian ergonomics 3D tailoring, provides a snug fit to the body shape and supports large-scale movements for unrestricted flexibility. Heavyweight down insulation offers warmth and comfort in extremely cold weather, even as low as -40°C.
The jacket's front panel features multiple multifunctional pockets, which ensure the orderly storage of various outdoor equipment. This makes it ideal for expeditions, polar traversing, and other outdoor scenarios.

Design Challenge

The primary challenge encountered during the project was mitigating adverse outdoor environmental conditions. This was addressed by crafting the down jacket from 2L waterproof and breathable fabric, which consists of recycled nylon and a Dermizax waterproof and breathable membrane. These materials ensure the down jacket's exceptional waterproof and windproof capabilities while maintaining breathability, thereby effectively protecting against rain and snow. Moreover, the down jacket features a fully waterproof press-glued lamination process and heavyweight thickened down filling, making it suitable for extremely cold weather conditions down to -40°C.


The collection integrates recycled nylon for the surface fabric of the down jacket, a material sourced from recycled plastics. This approach reduces reliance on virgin resources and minimizes environmental pollution, aligning with the brand's commitment to environmental protection. Additionally, the use of Cordura abrasion-resistant material in high-wear areas enhances durability, extending the lifespan of the down jacket. This strategic choice promotes long-term resource conservation and waste reduction, thereby contributing to sustainable development principles.

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