Key Dates

7 March - Launch Deadline
27 March - Standard Deadline
9 May - Extended Deadline
10 May - Judging
5 June - Winners Announced
Welcome to the WILD Design Awards 2024.

Today's leaders are leveraging design to accelerate transformation, focusing on customer needs and achieving their strategic goals. 

The WILD Design Awards celebrates courage. Both the courage of commissioning clients and design professionals. 

The awards create future recognition from past projects. The projects in the WILD Design Awards are sourced from the BETTER FUTURE regional, design capitals and sector award programs - representing an unparalleled collection sourced from the world's largest network of design awards. 

More about the WILD Design Awards 2024
The WILD Design Awards for 2024 are composed of award nominations from the following regional and design capital programs; AUSTRALIAN Design Awards 2024 - PARIS Design Awards 2024 - BERLIN Design Awards 2024 - MILAN Design Awards 2024 - GOV Design Awards 2024, plus a special set of wildcard nominations directly into the awards.

Unique to the BETTER FUTURE Awards platform is our elevation cycle. Projects that win in the city awards programs are elevated to the regional awards program, culminating in the WILD Design Awards.

During 2024 BETTER FUTURE Awards supported Elevated nominations by over $1M USD - our way to drive industry recognition further and establish the largest global platform for design recognition.

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