Key Dates

28 April 2023 - Launch Deadline
8 June 2023 - Standard Deadline
31 August 2023 - Extended Deadline
17 November 2023 - Judging
29 November 2023 - Winners Announced



Project Overview

To allow hotel patrons to truly immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Sun Moon Lake, so that the space can correspond and return to the most innate and natural state, the design team combined the perception of the environment, harnessing the mountains, clouds and lakes around Sun Moon Lake as design elements. At the same time, through understanding people's state of mind about traveling around Sun Moon Lake, the design retains the essence of the heart and profoundness of the journey, transforming it into the pursuit of spatial design, and at the same time sublimating the quality of the overall space, manifested in the concept of "formless shape is also a shape". This ensures that the beauty of the stunning environment allows patrons to feel that the travel is not only pleasant but also the quality of accommodation can reach the deepest resonance of the heart.

Project Commissioner

Hotel Beore

Project Creator

Next Design


Alex Yuan
Kim Wang

Project Brief

In order to forge the hotel into a beautiful symbiosis with the environment, the design team evolved the spatial form by leveraging the nature of materials, not stacking too many materials, avoiding overly complicated designs, and simplifying materials to highlight the simplicity and texture of the space. For example, by using a single special faux concrete paint across the entire hotel, from the lobby, guest rooms, hallways, and public spaces. This facilitates overall consistency in comfort and relaxation, a unique style standing out on its own.

The whole space incorporates natural elements rather than an overly structured form; for example, the back of chairs, cabinet doors and walls in public spaces are made of woven rattan. The guest rooms, the partitions and bedside tables are made of woven rattan; the shelves and clothes rail is inspired by tree branches and are made from dead wood. The transparent glass tiles echo the natural elements of the lake, and at the same time, they define the space while ambiguously accentuating the softness of the space. The design team used the nature of the materials to create a straightforward and natural atmosphere. In addition, considering the sound insulation of the space, the flooring of guest rooms and corridors is covered with Bolon carpet, which enhances the texture of the space and reduces the sound of walking and friction, thus improving the quality of accommodation.

Project Need

The design team has been able to maximize the scale of a small space through adept design and planning, relying on the natural simplicity of materials, grasping the spatial requirements of hotel patrons, and considering the importance of design and aesthetics to combine the two to create a small, high-end hotel that the owner is satisfied with.

In order to create a high-end hotel embodying both quality and comfort near Sun Moon Lake, this project is distinct from the typical format of conventional high-end hotels. Through the ingenuity of design and branding, we hope to create a hotel imbued with local characteristics under the name of Small Luxury Hotels, featuring quality and friendly design, so that patrons not only enjoy the fun of travelling while at the same time have a stunning environ to relax the body and mind.

Design Challenge

The original old hotel building of 48 years was ageing. Therefore, the design team recreated a hotel with local characteristics by demolishing and rebuilding in place, taking into account the environment, needs, and brand image. The overall design and planning incorporated the proprietor’s needs and sought to create the most satisfying and refreshing accommodation options and looks.

The core issue of this project is "how to arrange the overall spatial layout in a limited space". The design team adopted professional design thinking to make the best use of each space and reserve the dimensions properly and accurately in a limited space. For example, the TV wall in the guest room is combined with an ingenious design for the platform underneath the TV, which can store luggage and also have seating functions, highlighting the multi-functional design concept, so that the space can be utilized to the fullest and not overly confined. In addition, the design team also adjusted the originally incorrect piping and wiring, so that the overall hotel can smoothly allocate space to maximum effect.


The overall hotel space features the scenery of Sun Moon Lake and elements of nature as the foundation so that the space imbues the design quality of co-existence with the environment. Curved design elements can be seen in the ceiling, door frame, wall and screen, adding texture and breaking the vertical blandness to create a soft and comfortable spatial environment. Furthermore, additional touches such as faux concrete paint, wooden elements, steel, rattan and tiles reflect the simple and pure nature, so that people can find a natural and quiet relaxing environment in the hotel while visiting Sun Moon Lake.

By reducing the use of materials, the environmentally conscious design team can reduce the associated carbon footprint and at the same time effectively mitigate the damage caused by construction to the environment. At the same time, it is possible to endow the hotel with a new look, to break away from the traditional image of a high-end luxury hotel, and to create a special hotel with a “return-to-nature” theme.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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