Key Dates

17 November 2022 - Launch Deadline
1 December 2022 - Standard Deadline
19 December 2022 - Extended Deadline
22 December 2022 - Judging
19 January 2023 - Winners Announced





Project Overview

Self-titled were tasked with rebranding a world-class Indigenous cultural experience delivered at a 32,000 year old volcanic formation in Victoria’s south-west.

Project Commissioner

Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Co-op Ltd

Project Creator



Jake Smallman Creative Director, Paul Monkivitch Creative Director, Ryan Winter Designer, Nic Hannon Designer, Owen Davey Web Developer, Wayne Quilliam Photographer, Hanging Pixels Drone Pilot

Project Brief

Located in Victoria’s south-west, Tower Hill is a volcanic formation believed to have erupted over 32,000 years ago. At 3.2km wide, is the largest ‘nested maar’ in Victoria. It is home to the Gunditjmara people, whose culture dates back 65,000 years. Indigenous artefacts such as greenstone axe heads have been found on the site.

Worn Gundidj are an Aboriginal Co-operative creating sustainable, Indigenous operated commercial enterprises. Worn Gundidj at Tower Hill offers a unique cultural, heritage and nature-based tour experience, linking Aboriginal culture to geology, nature and the environment.

Working closely with Worn Gundidj and Visit Victoria, our task was to help communicate this offer to a wider audience.

Project Innovation/Need

Through collaboration with members of the Aboriginal Co-op, we were able to uncover a symbol that represents both a water hole and a meeting place, and resembles Tower Hill from above.

The most unique design innovation in this project was then fusing that indigenous mark with contemporary typography and then building out a dynamic logo system that allowed for messaging to be interwoven.

Design Challenge

To make more people aware of this amazing geological formation we used aerial photography to introduce the iconic site and employed a symbol as shorthand. Based on an Indigenous mark, the symbol represents both a water hole and a meeting place.

Beyond the site itself we needed to reflect the unique experience Worn Gundidj offers. Tower Hill is a place where the importance of connection is understood. Connection to history, culture, and nature. This informed the brand idea– ‘Be Connected’. Atmospheric and shallow depth of field photography reflected the emotive personal experience.

The typographic logo-as-messaging-system helps express many aspects of the tours in an ownable voice.


After working on the rebrand project which was funded by Indigenous Business Australia, we wanted to ensure it had a direct impact for Worn Gundidj. Although there had been discussion around a grant to cover a new website, given the drastic effect Covid was having on tourism we decided to design and build the website pro bono.

Since launching, website traffic and bookings have increased and with international tourism now back, Worn Gundidj at Tower Hill has a world class platform from which grow.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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