Project Overview

The red brick kilns and acacia trees tell the history of a past era of brick making in Taiwan’s plateau region. The remanence of historical smoke stacks that dot the landscape inspired the architectural facade, landscaping, and public facilities of The Lupin Pavilion. It was important to the designers to utilize local natural materials and bring that beauty inside.
Longtan has a rich natural and cultural background, and it is the birthplace of the father of Taiwanese folk songs, Yu-Hsien Teng, and a trailblazer of Taiwan’s Nativist Literature Movement, Chao-Cheng Chung. The music of Four Seasons Red, patterns of lupin flowers and the nearby Longtan Lake are all important design elements.
Although 90% of the buildings in Longtan Aspire Park are villas, the unique design of The Lupin Pavilion creates a new standard of good design for homes.


Ccplan Design Co.,ltd.


Design Team: POSAMO Design
Lead Designer: Wang Sheng-Cheng
Construction Company: 33 MEGA CO., LTD

Project Brief

The New Normal of a post-Covid-19 era was heavily considered when designing The Lupin Pavilion. The space is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of uses while maintaining a cohesive connection between people. Valuing community interactions yet considering personal space by keeping separate entrances. The large French windows facing the forest and valley below offer excellent ventilation.
The banquet hall is open and connected to the lobby during the week, and when a private event is being hosted sliding dividers are used to create an exclusive space. Every residence unit is equipped with a mudroom at the entrance, where residents can leave their shoes, jackets, etc. and disinfect for sanitary purposes before entering their residence and interacting with their family.
The lupin, mother of flowers, has been nourishing tea farms for Taiwan’s Hakka tribes for decades. This is the inspiration for the pattern on the glass of the elevator rising from the mirror pool, like a flower in full bloom. The infinity pool reflects the sky and clouds, like Longtan Lake, while enjoying spectacular views of the mountains and valleys. Dance with the lupins.
The natural acacia confusa trees growing on the land have been transformed and thoughtfully used as the reception desk in the main lobby. The roots of the tree support the tabletop and carry the memory of the mountain forest. In order to extend the beauty of nature, eco-friendly materials obtained naturally are used throughout.

Project Innovation/Need

“Post-Pandemic” New Architectural Style. The Lupin Pavilion offers low-density occupancy and spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys on a large site of 1,262 ping. 50 households share 7 smart pandemic preventative elevators with state-of-the-art ventilation systems.
The smart elevators also include hand gesture capabilities to limit touch points, as well as each residence having their own private mudroom. With a variety of flow lines for residents to choose from in order to return home, close contact between residents can easily be avoided. The banquet hall is designed to have a separate entrance which meets the banquet needs of residents while visitors are not offered direct access.
The double-sided lobby fireplace is beautifully framed by red travertine, integrating the special story of local brick kilns into the plateau architecture. The hollow patterns of lupins on the ceiling are illuminated like a kaleidoscope, layer by layer, creating a peaceful dream-like ambiance.
Some of The Lupin Pavilion in-room innovations will make life much easier. The laundry space has been strategically placed within the bathroom so there is no longer a need to worry about the weather. No more freezing in winter or sweating during summer. The two towers facing north are designed with large windows to not only frame the beautiful landscape, but also take advantage of the warm winter sunshine.

Design Challenge

Social distancing has become the new normal for much of the world and The Lupin Pavilion has taken this into consideration, along with much more. The biggest challenge was creating a peaceful and welcoming space while maintaining a safe sanitary environment that was versatile. All while still providing residents with a luxury experience they can rely on.
The design team looked to nature for answers to some of these difficult questions. Simple geography, sitting atop a plateau, also provided a design challenge, but offered important air flow.
The cold, black marble usually associated with luxury homes has been replaced with a red travertine marble that dances in the sunlight. The acacia tree reception desk brings the warmth of nature inside to create a deeper bond to the nearby environment.


Since The Lupin Pavilion’s inception the design team has been coming up with creative ways to plan, build, and design a sustainable project from start to finish. The site itself offered a few opportunities to utilize an eco-friendly approach. The local acacia confusa trees growing on site have been transformed into the beautiful reception desk supported by the roots of the same trees.
With its strategic position atop a plateau, the three residential towers have been placed in a way to take advantage of the natural airflow year-round. The two north-facing towers are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows to let in the warm winter sunshine yet stay cool during the Taiwan summer.
The natural landscaping of the 1,262-ping site is designed to easily drain during the heavy rains of typhoon season, yet harness enough water year-round to significantly reduce water usage.
Looking toward the future of sustainability in architecture, design & transportation; The Lupin Pavilion residence parking garage is EV friendly. Residents can quickly and easily add an EV Charger of their choosing.

This award celebrates the design process and product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience that reflect functional, technical, social, and aesthetic considerations. Consideration given for material selection, technology, light and shadow.
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