Key Dates

14 July 2022 - Launch Deadline
19 October 2022 - Standard Deadline
13 January 2023 - Extended Deadline
17 January 2023 - Judging
9 February 2023 - Winners Announced


Project Overview

The design team preserved the exterior of the abandoned old cowshed and transformed it into the " Renovation of cowshed-Happiness Academy ". It provides a meeting place for young and old and becomes a reading space with local cultural characteristics. The project integrates the environment and historical memory to embody the concept of "all ages friendly" and to provide more learning resources for local children. Located at the border of two villages, the site is perfect for a treasure trove of books. As one follows the signs, he or she will see the warm and inviting bear wall painting, the vibrant green planting area, the clean and neat sidewalk, the colorful mosaic wall, and the warm lights on the cowshed full of stories of the years. The cowshed has been transformed by the residents to provide not only a new life but also a comfortable space for the residents to study and read.

Project Commissioner

Pingtung county Wandan Township Singhuabu Cultural Development Promotion Association

Project Creator

Pingtung County Government,Chun-Mi Chou


Pingtung County Wandan Township Singhuabu Cultural Development Promotion Association, Chia-Yu Chen, Min-Hui Hsiung, I Wayan Sadera, Ya-Ci Yue, Shu-Te University (STU)

Project Brief

"What else is worth preserving after the current of the times?”
The cowshed, less than 19.8 square meters, is the epitome of three generations. The first half of its life nurtures the economy and life, while the second half contains knowledge and education. Great knowledge has become the best nutrient to nourish the planetary residents of Xinghuabu, giving children a place to pursue happiness after school and parents and children to enjoy family time.

The rustic exterior walls preserve the traces of history, while the indoor tables and chairs are wooden chairs for all ages. The warm and comfortable space welcomes everyone to come in and read. As the old saying goes, "A book holds a house of gold". As one enters the site, the mosaic art wall tells the story of half a century of history. When people enter the cowshed library, they will see a bookcase full of knowledge, and opening a book is like stepping into a world.

Project Innovation/Need

-The wall that was blown down by a typhoon
The aged cowshed is square, but its structure is unstable. In addition, it was made of straw and earth bricks, which lacked support and strength. Since Taiwan is in a rainy subtropical area with frequent typhoons, 1/3 of the walls of the cowshed were blown down by strong winds in a windstorm. The cowshed, which was not in use, became even more dilapidated because of this gap.

The project is not only a meticulous renovation of the old building but also a special strengthening of the structure to prevent the recurrence of the danger.

-A welcoming and conspicuous entrance
The early house layout in Taiwan was mostly U-shaped. The cowshed is located to the right of the entrance and is hidden from view. To make the cowshed a space that "everyone can enter at any time", it is necessary to make visual guidance.

Starting from the main road, the design team used the walls voluntarily loaned by the local people to paint warm illustrations to lead people to visit the cowshed. At the same time, the entrance to the site is also transformed by the landowner into a green planting area to broaden the view.

Design Challenge

The project is a collaborative effort by the local community, which makes it a challenge to move forward in every step of the process, from planning, scheduling, renovation, advocacy activities, and maintenance. The challenge was to make each stage sustainable without hindrance, and the team was challenged to present a concrete picture of the community space that the residents wanted, to create a sense of community, and to make the residents care for the environment from the bottom of their hearts. Furthermore, renovating a building over 40 years old without professional guidance required a lot of research.


The "Renovation of cowshed-Happiness Academy" is a permanent project funded by the government and initiated by local residents to transform a cowshed into a library. The team transformed the abandoned space into a comfortable and cozy community library and refurbished the old place with available building materials. Most of the building materials from the cowshed are retained and the decorative plantings came from residents. In addition to reshaping the impression of the community, the renovation process forms a willingness of the residents to maintain the cowshed library with a clean and tidy look. Moreover, the cowshed library has become an important place for the community. The interaction is not limited to the area of Xinghuabu, but also extends to other villages. The interactions between different communities promote people's relationships and the cohesiveness of the Xinghuabu community.

This award celebrates creativity and innovation in the process of designing and shaping cities, towns and villages, and is about making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric. Consideration given to giving form, shape and character to groups of buildings, streets and public spaces, transport systems, services and amenities, whole neighbourhoods and districts, and entire cities, to make urban areas functional, attractive and sustainable.
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