ACT-848 Digital Wireless System


Project Overview

The ACT-848 Digital Wireless System is a revolution in sound quality. It eliminates the phase distortion of high and low frequencies and compander noise that inevitably exist in analog systems, and improves sound quality which often deteriorates over distance and receiving signal strength. With features such as built-in various EQ settings, anti-feedback in digital processing, the sound quality is stable and authentic and it delivers a wireless sound quality almost as good as a wired system. Besides, the 256-bit digital encryption provides a secure audio transmission and prevents eavesdropping. As its wireless transmission and sound quality noticeably surpass analog systems, the ACT-848 Digital Wireless System is definitely the most reliable and advanced wireless system for any professional application.


MIPRO Electronics Co. Ltd



Project Brief

The ACT-848 Digital Wireless System includes ACT-848 1U Quad-Channel receiver, ACT-800H handheld wireless microphone and ACT-800T bodypack transmitter. A newly designed VFD screen, monitor headphone jack, rotary control knob are equipped on the control panel of the receiver. The analog audio output, AES/EBU digital output, Dante or AVB network interface output and MIPRO RCS2. Net interface connectors on the rear panel. Exclusive 72 MHz wideband digital diversity circuit improves the reception range and increases interference-free compatible channels.

Project Innovation/Need

Full-range sound quality is no longer affected by the strength of RF signals or operating distance. With a quad-channel setup, the receiver can save 50% cabinet space for multi-channel system installation. Each channel has separate audio output and 3 switchable levels. This ensures the microphone to operate within proper sensitivity and dynamic range, free from distortion. Besides, the system can be controlled through MIPRO ACT-BUS PC-controlled interface and MIPRO MES-100 web remote bridge, making it more user-friendly.

Design Challenge

The unique metal grille of the microphone capsule module can protect the capsule against impact, rolling and pop noise, ensuring clarity of sound, and can be removed for cleaning purpose. The interchangeable capsule module not only accepts MIPRO’s any dynamic or condenser mic capsule module but other brands’ with similar thread. ACT-800T bodypack transmitter features the world’s first ACT™ function providing precise and rapid frequency sync to the receiver. The high dynamic range audio input prevents saturation distortion.


This product is ISO14000 certified, and the designer selects environmentally friendly materials that comply with Rohs 2.0 and REACH. The design is based on universal materials, reducing the number of specialized materials, thus reducing the number of materials and spare parts for maintenance. Also, it effectively reduces the wear and tear of parts. By simplifying the packaging design, using environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging materials, and eliminating the use of high ink volume printing design, the burden on the environment is further reduced.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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