MA-300D Portable Wireless PA System


Project Overview

MIPRO-MA300D has a seamless design, weighing 2.7 Kg with batteries. With this portable size and lightweight, the MIPRO-MA300D is easy to travel with. Paired with 2 sets of wireless microphones and equipped with bluetooth and USB output/input module functions, the MA300D is a set of new products superior to the similar ones on the market. In addition to its refined design, its possibility to be equipped with the UHF and the universal ISM receiver module (5.8GHz) allows users to purchase based on customer’s needs. The speaker cabinet requires only the lithium battery, which has no particular packaging and can be directly recycled.


MIPRO Electronics Co. Ltd



Project Brief

The lightweight powerful speaker MIPRO-MA300D, which will no longer restrain you at outdoor or indoor activities. In the past, MIPRO’s only two wireless speakers were the large portable speaker cabinet and the personal wireless megaphone carried on the shoulder. The former is rather expensive and is mostly purchased by companies or educational institutions. The latter, on the other hand, is relatively cheaper, yet is limited by its cabinet size with lower volume and weaker speaker sound. Thus, MIPRO decided to create the MA300D to fill in the market’s need for a portable, lightweight, yet powerful speaker. With its adequate size, delicate sound, multifunctions, and a price lower than the half of the large sized speaker, it is perfect for a smaller group or personal use within an acceptable budget. Its clear and powerful sound is also great for occasions hosting around 50 persons, such as in the warehouse, supermarket, entertainment park, or activities like religious ceremonies, street performances and disaster prevention drills.

Project Innovation/Need

MA-300D’s sophisticated sound and user-friendly features project the original acoustic beauty of the instruments. With added sound pressure technique and highly efficient horn system design, MA-300D has a more natural and lifelike sound that meets the needs of instrumental performances with higher quality. There are two modules of MA-300D: one with the UHF receiver and another with 5.8GHz receiver. With its varieties of microphones, customers have more options to choose from different combinations of the receivers and microphones. In addition to the common handheld, lavalier and the headset microphones, MIPRO’s series also include the 5.8 GHz instrumental microphone set equipped with its 5.8 GHz transmitter set and speaker that can be used with performance of woodwind, brass, string, percussion, or Chinese instruments. Due to the fact that the product includes 2 UHF diversity wireless receiver modules that can connect to two wireless microphones, users will be able to combine differently for flexibility on site, such as one handheld microphone, one headset microphone, or one handheld microphone with one instrument at hand. This possibility is especially suitable for street performances. The 5.8 GHz digital wireless receiver module is special for its improved wide range reception and stable signal quality, which can perfectly present the high and low notes of the instruments, the quality sound effect through the speakers.

Design Challenge

Sound player, output, and input, three functions all in one that makes a great breakthrough from traditional speaker products. MA300D’s USB recording function can record the acoustic performance and its background music into an one MP3 file. The plug-in player module design allows bluetooth connections with cell phones or other electronic products for playing background music. It is the first module that includes multiple functions such as sound receiver, sound amplifier, and sound recording with portable wireless speakers. The MA300D is also the only wireless speaker product that includes alert sound effects, which can be useful for training or actual emergency on site for activities. MA300D has a two-way speaker cabinet design that improves the efficiency in treble frequency and delivers a powerful, clear sound effect for speech and music. Its class D amplifier system allows the speaker to present clear amplified sound without imperfection. Its built-in dual UHF diversity receiver modules and built-in active and automatic antennas ensure improved reception process and stable signal quality. As for the electricity charging, MA300D is equipped with the external AC switching power supply and its built-in lithium battery ensuring all functions work without AC power.


This product is ISO14000 certified, and the product design team has selected environmentally friendly materials that comply with Rohs 2.0 and REACH. Moreover, the design is based on universal materials, reducing the number of specialized parts. Therefore, it reduces the cost of unnecessary materials and spare parts for maintenance, and effectively reduces the wear and tear of parts. Furthermore, the main machine is made of one piece and modular design, and the single and double CH are designed and assembled simultaneously, making it easy to assemble and maintain and reducing the damage and waste of materials. Also, the Bluetooth module structure is intended to allow for immediate replacement of modules according to demand without the need to dispose of the entire product, thus achieving the goal of environmental protection. Last but not least, an individually filled lithium battery holder's design is easy to repair and replace and follows the standard lithium battery recycling process without manual disassembly.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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