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Project Overview

FABRIC LAB reimagines the retail experience for fashion enthusiasts, offering a tactile, immersive space to explore textiles. Its architecture combines mirrors and brushed aluminium panels, creating an illusion of infinite space and reflecting the brand's essence. This one-of-a-kind destination invites visitors on a sensory journey, inspiring creativity and igniting a passion for fashion, ultimately transforming their relationship with textiles.

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Fabric Lab

Project Creator

Reve design


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Project Brief

FABRIC LAB: a groundbreaking concept that redefines the retail experience for fashion and textile enthusiasts. This innovative space transcends the boundaries of a typical store, inviting visitors to engage with materials in a tactile and immersive environment. At FABRIC LAB, you can touch, feel, and explore the endless possibilities that lie within the realm of textiles.

The architectural design of FABRIC LAB is a testament to its unique identity. Embracing cutting-edge materials like mirrors and brushed aluminium panels, the space is a seamless blend of form and function. Mirrored surfaces create an illusion of infinite space, while brushed aluminium adds a contemporary touch, reflecting the essence of the FABRIC LAB brand.

As a fusion of material and mirror, FABRIC LAB embodies the future of retail design. This captivating destination is not only an ode to the world of textiles but also a reflection of the evolving landscape of the fashion industry. Step into FABRIC LAB and embark on a sensory journey that will inspire creativity, spark curiosity, and ignite your passion for fashion.
The FABRIC LAB we trying to create is a truly unique destination that will captivate your imagination and redefine your relationship with textiles.

Project Innovation/Need

Our Fabric Lab project, situated in the fashionable suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne, sought to create an innovative and exceptional fabric store that would stand out among the many existing fabric shops in the area. Our goal was to cater to fashion designers, design students, and high-end customers seeking custom garments while offering a unique and memorable shopping experience.

To distinguish our store from the competition, we focused on a customer experience-driven design. Our innovative solution involved utilizing mirrors and aluminium panels to extend the sense of visual space, providing the illusion of a larger store and showcasing a vast volume of fabrics in a compact display area. This approach allowed us to maximize the available space and present a diverse range of fabric options to our clientele.

The addition of ground-to-ceiling LED lights not only contributed to an enhanced sense of space but also ensured accurate fabric presentation. These lights illuminated the fabrics without affecting their true colors, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their purchases.

Our innovative design strategies transformed the Fabric Lab into a unique and captivating retail destination. By emphasizing customer experience and incorporating clever space-utilization techniques, we successfully distinguished our store from other fabric shops in the area. The end result is a visually striking and immersive shopping environment that caters to the discerning tastes of fashion-forward clientele, setting a new benchmark for fabric retail in Fitzroy and beyond.

Design Challenge

In addressing the design challenges for the fabric lab, we focused on four key aspects: target audience, fabric capacity and presentation, material selection, and lighting design.

Our target audience included fashion designers, design students, and high-end customers seeking custom garments. To appeal to them, we ensured the space was contemporary, functional, and inviting.

For fabric capacity and presentation, we prioritized organization and accessibility. This allowed users to easily browse and select fabrics while maintaining a visually appealing environment.

In terms of material choices, we utilized mirrors, smoked mirrors, polished concrete, brushed aluminium panels, and brushed black aluminium panels. These materials provided a sleek, modern aesthetic that elevated the overall design.

Finally, the lighting design played a crucial role in showcasing the fabrics. We used LED strip lights from the ground to the ceiling, ensuring the right tone and illumination for each fabric, highlighting its unique qualities and enhancing the user experience. Overall, our thoughtful design approach successfully addressed the challenges and created a striking, functional fabric lab.


In our Fabric Lab project, sustainability takes center stage as we strive to create an eco-friendly and energy-efficient environment. Our commitment to the planet is reflected in several key aspects of the project.

Local sourcing is a priority, as we aim to minimize our shipping carbon footprint. By procuring materials from nearby suppliers, we can reduce transportation emissions and support local businesses simultaneously.

Our emphasis on reusing materials ensures that we capitalize on existing structures, minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy. This approach means that virtually no existing materials are discarded, fostering responsible resource management.

Innovative materials, such as lightweight panels and mirrors, contribute to our sustainability goals. These materials provide an illusion of solidity while remaining light and flexible, which translates to a lower carbon footprint, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced recyclability.

Economically sustainable lighting design is another crucial component of our project. We have carefully designed the structure to regulate temperature, which helps to minimize energy usage. Ground-to-ceiling LED strip lights provide low-energy illumination, while our flower-shaped welcome floor lamps are equipped with automatic on/off sensors. These sensors detect when people pass by, creating a welcoming atmosphere and conserving energy simultaneously.

Overall, our Fabric Lab project embodies the principles of sustainability, prioritizing local sourcing, material reuse, innovative materials, and energy-efficient lighting design. We believe that this environmentally-conscious approach sets a strong example for future projects while contributing to a greener and more responsible world.

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