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Project Overview

Bulla’s a market leader in Australian dairy products. With over 110 years in business their new website needed to reflect integrity, while re-positioning them in more premium space. User experience drove every decision – we incorporated filtering to Products, search-ability to Recipes, more imagery to ignite interest, and animation to bring it all to life. Design details – like the ‘dip’ in the header that mimics the logo – elevate the site without overwhelming it. Copy style, too, works together with design to create a sense of friendliness, which is core to this family-owned brand and story.

Project Commissioner

Bull Dairy Foods

Project Creator

Rock Agency


Lead Designer Tia Kelly
Lead Developer Dipali Vala
Account Manager Jessie Gleeson
Design Team George McIldowie, Thy Ha, Lewis Jarvis, Emily Scott
Dana Miltins Copywriting
Digital Marketing/SEO Molly Nydam

Project Brief

“A site that consumers expect from a well-established brand.” That was core to the Bulla brief: that visitors arrive to an experience that feels worthy of a brand that lives in the hearts and minds of Australians; that reflects ‘why’ they have that level of iconic status.

We were tasked with a UX-led design and development process aimed at introducing Bulla to a more premium space. Our goal was to deliver a website that embodies the soul of the brand: that showcases quality products while going deeper into the authentic brand story and values. It needed to be delivered through user-friendly design and seamless functionality, without forgetting the fun.

Project Need

The new Bulla website captures the ‘whole’ brand – a story 110 years in the making. We were taken with the family history behind the Bulla name; the fact the company has been passed through generations to still be managed by the same families. There’s something captivating, wholesome and authentic in that story, but it was our challenge to tell it in a way that speaks to a contemporary audience. The new Bulla site is a charming mix of old and new – it celebrates the company’s history and time-honoured values, yet the look and feel is entirely modern and fun. It’s a site that pays attention to the details with beautiful little touches that include the ‘dip’ in the header to mimic the logo; and hover animations over each product, created in the spirit of fun – ‘the feeling of eating an ice cream’.

User Experience

User-Experience defined every decision made in the design of the new Bulla Dairy Foods website. Site structure is clean and prioritises Australian-based consumers, as per the brief. By delivering a ‘secondary navigation’ we enable the website to incorporate links to Bulla’s commercial Foodservice arm and supplier network, without cluttering the retail-consumer focus of the site.

The inclusion of the brand’s story and impact within the main navigation speaks to modern consumer interests – Bulla’s a leader in sustainable practice and recyclable package design; and makes remarkable efforts to involve themselves with charitable organisations and community events. We wanted to ensure those messages were clear and present for consumers as, more and more, we shop with our values.

Every effort has been made to enhance the site's usefulness for visitors. At face value, vibrant imagery is complemented by a friendly and concise copy style, and product animations deliver that sense of fun for the user – each hover delivering a different ‘product burst’. And, instead of merely being a product catalogue, each item is linked to recipes accompanied by vibrant and captivating visuals. The inclusion of product filtering and recipe search functionality further enhances the usability of the site, showcasing the brand's commitment to its customers and their needs.

Project Marketing

Feedback on Bulla's new site has been entirely positive – people love the look and feel, and Bulla loves the attention to detail and the level of usability the site offers their customers.

At a performance level alone, we increased Desktop speed by 5 percent and mobile speed by 25 percent. And, post building the site, Bulla returned to us to design and build the website for the Food Services arm of their business. That was never part of our initial contract, but reflects the trust in the relationship, and the client's satisfaction with the work.

Project Privacy

The website is compliant with Australian laws and is also GDPR compliant. The privacy policies are clearly listed in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy page of the website.

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