2020 Penghu Bay International Light Festival Theme Area

Image Credit : Image #1 to Image #10: Jyrfang Artwork Project Co., Ltd. Photographer: Li Chen Peng, Creator: Li Chen Peng, 2020 Penghu Bay International Light Festival Theme Area, 2020




Project Overview

The 2020 Penghu International Bay Light Festival is an art exhibition that uses light as the medium. It uses local humanities, landscapes, and ocean elements to introduce the design content of the light district, using art installations, multimedia images, water dancing, and interactive experiences to present the most beautiful of Penghu Bay Style. Penghu is located in the Taiwan strait and is composed of 90 islands, so it produces a unique landscape. The theme area combines the characteristics of Penghu, adds technology, culture and art, it takes light as the main axis to present the beauty of the ocean. The theme area takes the ancient legend of Penghu Mermaid as the protagonist, combined with the water dance performance at sea level, presents the theme of "Song of the Island". The main light work of Mermaid up to 8 meters and the water dance show of 10,000 square meters are presented at night the gorgeous vision out of the ocean.

Project Commissioner

Jyrfang Artwork Project Design Co., Ltd.

Project Creator

Li Chen Peng


Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC
Jyrfang Artwork Project Design Co., Ltd.
Art Curator:Li Chen Peng

Project Brief

Penghu is a beautiful island in Taiwan. The curators hope that more and more people will understand the importance of preserving the island’s culture and ecology. Marine resources are being destroyed day by day, if we hope to preserve the beautiful Penghu islands for the next generation, then the ocean ecological protection will be our primary goal, and it should never stop.

Project Innovation/Need

Penghu is an island that relies on fisheries for its livelihood. However, due to the increasing development of tourism activities, the residents on the island are worried about ecological protection. Those art works presented in the light festival are mainly energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, and are based on Penghu’s traditional lifestyle and ancient ocean legends as the core of the design. Visitors who visited during this year's light festival can experience the local stories told behind the works, many reports show the public's sense of identity, and this allows more Penghu people to re-evoke the beautiful appearance in their memory In order to pay more attention to this island with precious marine resources, more attention should be paid to its protection.

Design Challenge

The Light Festival exhibition area was originally an old barracks area of the Taiwan Navy. For the existing seaport terrain or surviving old buildings, safety planning must be paid attention to. The paving of pedestrian walkways must take into account the visits and walks of the disabled and the elderly, it was made our team spend a lot of time to achieved the goal. Before the installation, the site preparation and waste removal were difficult challenges. At the same time, in order to combine with ocean elements, a water dance show called "Flourish Ocean" was added, using dock hardware and various sprinkler to plan with the water dance show into an 84-meter-long water lighting work, and also have to overcome the challenge of tidal rise and fall. At the same time, Penghu’s autumn is affected by the northeast monsoon, the structure of the exhibited art works must be very strong to resist the wind. Only by overcoming the challenges of the venue and weather, then the theme area could be perfectly performed and the exhibition level would be maintain in the best quality.


There are many art works designed and exhibited in the theme area, the common feature of these works are the materials can be 100% recycled or reused, because for the pure island of Penghu, curator did not want to exhibit afterwards to leaving contaminated or non-recyclable materials. At the same time, many local materials was used, such as the large-scale installation art of "Island Rising" created with fishing nets, which is a symbol of integration with local culture. In order to resist the strong winds from Penghu, the metal components of shipbuilding were used to create the art works of "Harvest Sail", which is also a kind of show that echoes the local life.

This award celebrates creative and innovative lighting design or effects in indoor or outdoor spaces.
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