Project Overview

Albeit seemingly rigid framework of steel-and-concrete, a living space could as well become fluid and organic. What if the place we call ‘home’ rises beyond its presumed role as mere passive backdrop? Herein, we manifest ‘home’ as a tranquil retreat, a time-endured companion, and a wonder box for enlivening five senses.

This floor-through new build boasts 380-sqm spaciousness with stunning view. The project concept revolves around the ‘Clubhouse’ way of experience, whereby skillful juxtaposition of accent colors against neutral hued background directs focal attention and delivers a vivid temperament of tasteful elegance.


FE Design


CHEN CHIN SHU - Design Director

Project Brief

A sense of transparency meets the eye when touring through the common areas: the entryway, the welcoming foyer, the airy living room and open kitchen, each takes its unique stand yet seamlessly interconnected.

Through well-edited materials, lines, illumination and wall styling, the bedroom entries are subtly hidden away for higher level of privacy. The sizable master suite is arranged into 4 zones – the walk-in wardrobe, the vanity corner, the bath, and dual sleeping rooms for the male and female owners respectively. Vibes and texture of lighting, ceiling and wooden touch bring zones together in tune with outdoor scenery, instilling vitality and warmth to an elegant and relaxing lifestyle.

Project Innovation/Need

To make the most of the L-shaped layout and panoramic view, the foyer, living and dining areas are arranged along the scenic side altogether as the key area of interest. Through extensive use of media and material of translucent quality, the open-plan approach delivers a sense of looping, freedom and mobility to provide occupants with higher level of smooth and harmonized experiences.

Styled in resemblance to river curves, the ceiling grooves act multifaceted in alleviating sense of unease caused by structural beams while serving as source of ambient lighting.

Design Challenge

In view of a relatively small (2 to 3 persons) population compared to ample capacity, one major challenge is to avoid appearing cold or desolate whilst retaining max level of spatial openness. Among others, the owner’s hospitable nature and the riverbank scenery should also be factored in.

On basis of open layout and transparent interfaces, the team draws upon wooden warmth and earthy palette in response to daylight and broad window view to bring out vibes of pleasant harmony throughout the social zones. Whereby visual extension interlaces with internal and external scenes to deliver a sense of fun and freedom, allowing one to feel at ease and savor life.


Employing LED lighting, eco-friendly paints, natural material and finishes etc., the emphasis on human-centric elements remains among the key aspects of design. Well administered colors, texture and materials, while in sync with outdoor scenery, enrich visual depth as well as emotional details in this everyday abode.

By reducing partitions and mitigating medium interferences, the open space approach not only enables fluidity and connectivity between zones but also creates broader activity hinterland. Where daylight and shades subtly blends into indoor chromatic tones, the extended line of sight finds beauty in both inward and outward manners.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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