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Project Overview

Early spring is the most beautiful and delicate time of the year. With the concept of "the first drizzle of spring", the designer brings the fresh and lively colors of early spring into the apartment with a warm and delicate approach, creating a colorful and stylish vacation space.

Based on nature and the concept of early spring, the designer brings organic forms such as dewdrops, flowers, and trees into this space in a geometric form. The space is decorated with art-like brand furniture and lighting, bringing out the artistic value through the neo-classical design. The space embraces tradition, modernity, and childlikeness, making luxury, elegance, romance, and playfulness co-exist in this resort residence.


L'atelier Fantasia


Chief Designer : Idan Chiang

Project Brief

The chief designer, Idan Chiang, combines neo-classical aesthetics and modern style through an elegant design approach and introduces the colorful natural elements of spring to bring new meaning and vitality to the space. It is a space where people can feel like they are in a relaxing spring season, without being bound by the real season.

The top-quality fabrics of imported furniture and the aesthetics of their craftsmanship are the key to complete the taste of this space design. With the artistic furniture and various materials, the design combines the texture of materials, the scale of space and the design through the deconstruction, combination, and collage of elements.

With spring color as the main tone of the space, the chief designer chose EDRA, MINOTTI, B&B, LIGNE ROSET, Gallotti & Radice and other furniture brands to match the needs of different spaces. The design is also inspired by the Portuguese brand SERIP art lighting to light up the whole space with elegance and luxuriousness. The matching furniture is also color-hopped, light, pastel-colored background with high-color furniture, to bring different personalities to each space. Each family member can enjoy his or her own resting space, whether in an independent space or a common area.

Project Need

To integrate the preferences of each family member, the designer transformed the design approaches, combining neo-classical aesthetics with modern lines. With the imported brand furniture and lighting to enhance the quality of the space, the spaces show in the style of classical luxury and modern fashion, in a sense of leisure.

The bathroom in master bedroom is designed in a classical symmetrical way, showing a different scale of space from ordinary residences. With mosaic woven-patterned flooring and with metal edges, the space has a delicate hotel quality. The freestanding bathtub with custom-made Normandie shutters allows the residence to enjoy the scenery outside while bathing in privacy. The walls are decorated with interesting hexagonal patterns and triangular geometric blocks in contrasting colors, making this bathroom space full of French style, both elegant and romantic.

The bathroom in the children's room also enlarges the scale of the space, using white textured marble with special pink tiles and the Memory series balloon ceiling light designed by Boris Klimek as the main visual decoration. Decorating the space with balloons and the floating visual images creates a rhythmic atmosphere of bubbles in the sky in this space, showing a cute and playful design.

Design Challenge

In order to reach a balance between intimate interaction and privacy among the family members, the designer configured the rooms in four corners to enclose the movement of the public space and maximized the public space with the design of the gallery. So that each family member can have an independent and private resting space but can also intersect in the public space.


The living room, bedroom and bathroom are equipped with large windows to help indoor air circulation. At the same time, locally sourced marble is used as the main material of the space, so that the indoor temperature can be naturally adjusted, saving energy and reducing carbon.

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