Key Dates

23 June 2022 - Launch Deadline
22 September 2022 - Standard Deadline
8 December 2022 - Extended Deadline
13 December 2022 - Judging
5 January 2023 - Winners Announced

Image Credit : Moooten Studio


Project Overview

Like A Bird combines neo-classical elements, oriental elements, and modern style. The ambiance of the space is brought out by fine soft furnishings and refined decorations, and the theme of the space is illuminated by the artistic transformation of floral and bird forms. The elegant color palette of the space is accented by modern luxury in black, white and gold. Modern furniture, artwork, lighting and textiles are used to bring out the elegance of the space with an aristocratic touch.


L'atelier Fantasia


Chief Designer: Idan Chiang

Project Brief

The artistry in the space comes from the extension of the occupants' imagination of life. For the owner, who values the quality of life, floral art and birds are indispensable in life and enrich the mind. Therefore, when conceiving this case, the designer took this as a source of inspiration, transforming the posture of flowers and birds into geometric shapes in the space, and bringing in the impression of dewdrops resting on the petals in the early morning. From an artistic point of view, through visual and tactile sensations, we create an atmosphere of birds and flowers in the space.

The overall environment is presented in an open layout, giving the space a sense of space. Large floor-to-ceiling windows are used to draw the view into the room, so that the spaciousness of the interior and the wide view of the outdoors can be integrated to achieve the effect of visual extension. The use of rich soft furnishings gives the space a story, adding a romantic atmosphere to the elegant structure.

In this space full of neo-classical lines, the designer combined the owner's favorite flower and bird elements with oriental ink painting textures. The designer weaves the owner's preferences into the details of fashionable fabrics and fine furniture, and the high quality soft furnishings in all corners of the space reveal the owner's artistic preferences and attitude towards life.

Project Innovation/Need

With the intervention of art, the bathroom space is no longer just for freshening up in the home. The designer enlarged the specifications of the bathroom and combined it with the neoclassical mainline and decorative style. The warm but bright color and design of the soft furnishings create a luxurious, comfortable, and top-notch hotel style, where people can wash their bodies and minds, relax, and settle their thoughts, and enjoy the luxurious and quality bathroom space like a nobleman.

Different from the common bathroom layout, the designer introduced a lot of light into the bathroom space with multiple floor-to-ceiling windows to make the bathroom look warm and bright. Extracting the essence of classical elements, the smooth and symmetrical classical lines are paired with modern bathroom fixtures and dewdrop-inspired lighting, creating a boutique quality. The bathroom becomes a relaxing place where the mistress usually spends most of her time.

Design Challenge

Entering this space, a rotating titanium-plated stone screen defines the hallway and the living room. Through the corner of the corridor and the penetration effect of the screen, the suggestion of attracting people into the room is achieved, and the application of double entrance is created. The kitchen is separated from the dining room by a shaped arched door frame, which reduces the oppressive feeling of the space by raising the overall height. The study uses two-way sliding doors to maintain the lighting of the study, while retaining the sense of extension of the living room, making the overall space more spacious and generous.

Between art and home space, the harmony between the two is of primary importance. The designer, Idan Chiang, interprets the space with her elegant and harmonious design aesthetics, giving beauty to the living space through the intervention, extension and expansion of art, and bringing a tasteful and qualitative living mood to the occupants.


Utilizing the natural light sources for indoor spaces and reducing the use of electricity are the priority. The air conditioner was designed with a return airflow to optimize air circulation and temperature regulation to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction. Non-toxic and eco-friendly paints were used throughout the spaces to ensure the health and safety of the occupants.

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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