2013 Sydney Design Awards


Project Overview

Give a room full of Design Students a publication name and see what happens...

Under the guidance of their tutors, students come away with valuable real world experience, and a killer portfolio piece to boot!


University of Western Sydney


Daniel Johnston
Greg Hughes
Katrina Sandbach
Janet Saunders
Leo Robba
Alison Barnes
Sarah Waterson

Andrew Leto
Sandy Sara
Ozge Suzan Karahangil
Gemma Shorten
Andrew Morson
Joanna Smithson
Keveene Penilla
Mitchell Connell
Feras Shaheen
Lisa Emmanuel
Nicholas Smith
Winson Hoi Leung Fung
Corinne Parton

Nicole Parish
Jessica Ishak
Keira Galbraith
Carolyn Boseley
Maria Jose Diaz Zarate
Deborah Fernando
Thomas Hartley
Jamie Dimitry
Daniela Debono
Jessica Fouard
Georgia Ireland
Jessica Simmonds
Rohan Daniel Brown
Brittany Primmer
Caitlin Quirk
Christine-Marie Rosales
Rhys Philip Blinco
Andrew Edwards
Shednakie Yi Men Hon
Ariane Casareo
Kristina Chan
Jason Salinas
Jovana Bozic
Emily Finger
Jessica Kidd
Sean Virgo

Cassandra Bobb
Shirley Liu
Dylan Huke
Studio Manager
Tonee Coles
Marcella Christine Andrade Carvalho
Vienna Fornolles
Taylor Munro
Maria Flores
Danny Bouzas
Natacha Vickers

Edwin Concubierta
Joseph Franklin
Christopher Wright
Moustafa Sherif
Kayvan Zare Ghorbani
Atieh Ashkani Moghaddam
Attieh Adib
Joseph Vo
Liam Cameron
Daniel Johns
Julia Ockert
Aidan De La Paz
Craig Guerrero
Claire Hutchinson
Nathan Sapitan
Stephanie Wico
Chauvin Lum
Aaron Pillay
Jennifer Tran
Ferina Behrana
Venus Habibi
Rachel Scarpin
Shay Tobin
Carvey Truong
Tingting Wei
Michael Mariniello
Joseph Parmanand

Kirstin Fischer
Vonn Layug
Lorraine Mizzi
Samuel Nivison-Smith
Blandina Badel
John Paul Richard Dobie
Shirin Ighani
Jenny Le
Amanda Flack
Cassandra Gee
Nichole Mccook
Alanna Zammit
Argylica-Marie Conditsis
Benjamin Punzalan
Maneeta Um
Sharoon Prakash
Eva Ramos De Jesus
Melanie Sagurit
Amber Witherby
Jason Le Chau Tan
Kim Ga Yeon
John Tran
Emre Aral
Alison Lo
Aidan Lagats
Kelly Mullinger
Huizi Luo
Nesan Pillay
Ryan Wilcockson
Stephanie Wong

Kate Dufty
John Marbo
Alex Persak
Parvaneh Aran
Brian Funes
Jack James
Joshua Moussa
Samuel Cowlishaw
Flavia Denoux
Kyralee Wylde
Mona Anisa Morson
Bonny Huynh
Jovan Madera
Christopher Mata
Kelvin Saludes
Waimun Tam
Ayesha Gangoda
John Merlan
Leann Reyes
James Woodriff
Jessica Coutman
Sharifah Dina Albukhary
Thi Thien Nguyen

James Min-Ku Lee
Yazan Al-Hammuri
Beau Flaherty
Wesley Lou
Erico Reggie Marcelino
Angus Scott
Nethaneel Aceret
Ivapene Levae
Monica Aurelio
Frank Palmos
Stephanie Harnn
Zena Leonore Maria Lecky-Thomson

Daniel Mangion
Kim Ngan Tran
Felicity Mcgee
Natasha Lacey
Raquel Andres
Lisa Yin Cao
Kevin Enriquez
Andy Su

Tamara Varley
Toby Harris
Ammanuel Khoshaba
Charlotte Rose Mccarthy

Project Brief

TRACE Magazine is a student led publication, that is undertaken in the third year of University of Western Sydney's Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) degree.

TRACE Magazine was created by converting a classroom into a design studio, in which University of Western Sydney, Visual Communication students get to experience the rigours of publication layout and design, both analogue and digital. This student led project incorporates all levels of publication production, from the inception of a theme, layout and design, image making, production, managing a budget as well as designing a launch event.

Students create both written and visual content for a magazine based on culture and cultural enquiry within a broad lifestyle context.

Project Need

The environment in which TRACE magazine was produced, is modeled on a real world design studio. Each participating student was responsible for applying for a predetermined management role, and then operating within their awarded management role throughout the course of the project.

Students are responsible for managing a budget that is made up primarily by student contributions to the project. Working within this budget, students interact directly with industry professionals, and manage the multifaceted aspects of producing a boutique publication.

The most wonderful mantra followed by all tutorial groups, is that the sum is greater than the individual parts. Students pull together at times of need, and assist one another to ensure a highly professional outcome.

Design Challenge

The greatest design challenge in producing TRACE magazine revolved around the many voices, in many different geographical locations, creating a visually cohesive publication, in a short amount of time. Whilst a portion of the week is set aside for face to face studio work, the majority of the work is done via a complex network of social media, online project management tools and telephone calls.

As a way to resolve such challenges, students developed a complex yet effective style guide, which allowed individual creativity to flourish whilst working to constraints. Many levels of skills and talents were fostered, which ensured the overall high quality of the finished publication.


All TRACE publications were printed in Australia, with most sourcing local providers for printing, binding and embellishments.

A strong creative community developed within the student body, some of whom have gone on to complete further projects together that are entirely self directed and student led. This indicates that entrepreneurial development has occurred amongst the students, as a direct result of participating in the TRACE project.

Finally, the social and cultural focus of the printed articles present many key issues, by the target group, for the target group. The work is largely reflective of the students experiences of living in greater western Sydney.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching of information style to audience.
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