2014 Sydney Design Awards



Project Overview

Kick it Straight.

The Moose Kicking Tee is a completely new way to support ovoid balls for both training and in-game use. The core innovation is to provide space for the foot to kick straight through under the ball. This straight through action delivers incredible accuracy for the ideal penalty goal kick.

The drop punt kick is used in many Australian football codes for accurate distance kicking. The Kicking Tee enables the drop punt to be practised, as the tee, in effect, isolates the kicking action. This very straight kicking technique perfected in AFL (Australian Football League) can now be used for better placement goal kicking in both Rugby League and Rugby Union.

The orientation and relative positions of the four points of the antlers that make contact with the ball are critical for ball contact and flight. This tee is not similar to other kicking tees because the ball support arrangement and open space beneath is completely unique.

The product is now on the market and selling well with very positive feedback from users.

Project Commissioner

Moose Kicking Tee Pty Ltd

Project Creator

Design Edge


Alexander (Sandy) Richardson
Shannon Day
David Mackay

Project Brief

To allow the foot to kick straight through, directly underneath the ball, the design needed to be completely different from the current cone style kicking tees.

The tee has to support a range of ovoid balls, from junior to full size, for AFL, Rugby League and Rugby Union. When not in use, the tee needs to allow easy storage and transport in kit bags.

The product needs to look exciting and sporting and visible on the field so it is easily seen and not lost after training sessions. The tee needs to be strong to support the largest ball weight, handle high impact forces from kicking, be highly functional and safe to use for any age.

The tee needs to embody a radically new innovation in shape and function that is unlike other tees that are cone shaped and impede a clean straight kicking action.

The tee must suit all ages and incorporate a moulded-in direction indicator to clearly show young users the correct kicking orientation.

Project Innovation/Need

The design innovation incorporates a 4 point ball support providing the space for the foot to travel through and under the ball. This support arrangement has proven to provide repeatable goal kicking accuracy and an excellent basis for learning how to do drop punt kicks. There are no other products that provide these unique features.

In addition,the snap-fit assembly and disassembly enables easy carrying in sport kit bags. Narrow and Broad bridges give width options to suit the ball size used.

The strength required to support the heaviest balls and the high impact forces involved, is achieved with tough polypropylene antlers and base. The strength required is high as the kicking technique requires the ball to be supported out from the middle with the 4 contact points almost tangential to the ball surface. The resultant force pushes outwards as well as down. Repeated prototype experimentation fine tuned the form and the minimum material required.

For safety and a quality product feel, the antlers are two shot overmoulded in soft urethane (TPE). The two shot moulding technique provided an opportunity to create a distinctive action sporting look with white swoops over the red antler sides.

Design Challenge

The major design challenge was to resolve how to bring different requirements together into one product:

Support the range of ball sizes at 4 crucially positioned points with open space beneath and allow ball angle to be varied for optimal kick contact point.

Rear antlers need to be higher and wider to make contact on a broader section of the ball, and importantly allow the widest part of the foot to past through unimpeded.

Front antlers need to be closer and lower to support the ball at a pointier section of the ball. They also determine the height of the ball from the ground. It is critical to deliver a clean release of the ball after the foot has made impact.

Provide strength and handling of high impacts for repeated kicking use without any tee readjustment between kicks.

Enable easy shape change for easy transport in kit bags.

Provide high level of safety through soft surface material, product shape and the tee to come apart under impact when fallen on without injury.

Achieve a highly visible sporting action appearance to provide market appeal and increase sales.


The kicking tee was designed to function effectively while using the minimum amount of material. Repeated prototyping fine-tuned the material quantity and shape strength, minimising the product carbon footprint.

The tee was designed to be economically sustainable by providing a long service life avoiding early replacement and making the most of the material, production techniques employed and length of product lifecycle.

The ease of product shape change allows for easy user transport as well as minimal space for product shipping before purchase, also reducing the carbon footprint.

In addition, polypropylene is one of the plastics for material recycling into lower grade applications such as fencing and seating slats with the associated energy saving.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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