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Project Overview

Design Your Life is a publication that aims to inspire, motivate and lead by example. It features a range of interviews from renowned influencers including Scott Dadich, Editor of Wired, Place User Experience expert Natalie Slessor, trend forecaster and CEO of The Future Laboratory and LS:N Global, Chris Sanderson and David Allen founder of Getting Things Done®.

It also reveals some very raw accounts of Frost’s upbringing, including his struggle to beat a hyperactive growth hormone in his adolescence years that saw him battling to walk. It is that very same determination that has led to his present professional position as one of the world’s leading graphic designers, and in turn his recent success in tackling his personal health and wellbeing issues.




Designer: Vince Frost
Author: Vince Frost
Producer: Miya Bradley
Junior Designer: Adam Vella
Copywriter: Denis Seguin
Copywriter: Camilla Belton

Project Brief

In September 2011 Vince Frost was asked by Apple to do a talk at their flagship store in Sydney CBD. Vince decided to present a talk about how to Design Your Life. Julie Gibbs from Penguin Lantern Australia went to see this, and was inspired by this talk and asked Vince if he would be interested turning his talk into a book. A few years later a contract was signed and the short journey began to create the book. The project was to expand on the talk Vince did in 2011 into a book and the goal was and still is to help people realise that they can design a better life for themselves.

Project Innovation/Need

The creative approach was to create a visually appealing and engaging publication, which is a hybrid between a self help book and a design publication. It was important that the book was easy to read, visually arresting, and consisted of playful affirmations that would engage the reader.

Design Challenge

The challenge for this project was translating the talk held by Vince Frost, into a publication that would become both a design publication and a self help book to inspire others to design a better life for themselves.


Since last November, there have been over 5000 copies sold in Australia alone. The book has been featured in the Australian Financial Review, Vogue Living Magazine, Weekend Magazine, Belle Magazine, and Mind Food Magazine among other publications.

Vince Frost has also held a national speaker tour around Australia, and is also engaged in conversation for a series of talks internationally.

Due to popular sales, the book is now being reprinted in Australia as stock is running out. Penguin Books has also finalised details with an international distributor, and Design Your Life will be available internationally from October 2015.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching of information style to audience.
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