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Project Overview

Taikang Community Shen Garden is located in Songjiang District, where Shanghai’s history originated, and close to Guangfulin Hisotrical Site Garden and Chenshan Botanical Garden. The community boasts convenient commercial surrounding and deep cultural richness. With the aim to change the idea about the way of living of the senior for them to age elegantly, the senior wellness facility of Taikang Community infuses vigor and culture into space to offer a satisfying Shanghai-style health care and wellness experience.


Interscape Design Associates


Jerry Wu

Project Brief

The elderly-friendly colors have high recognizability and useful in guiding, while the vintage gray bricks and stained glass windows introduce the memory of old Shanghai, striking a cord with the resident. The choice of texture really starts from the needs of elderly residents. Considering their physical function, living habits and cultural background, the furniture corners are treated all rounded, the sofa seat with a suitable depth and designed with armrests to meet the safety requirements and facilitate the elderly getting up. The emergency call button and other settings are prominent everywhere, highlighting a safe and the elderly-friendly design so that their living space can be made more convenient, comfortable and reassuring.

Project Innovation/Need

What’s the elderly are most afraid of is an empty house. In light of this, different from traditional nursing homes in the past, the designer integrates their social needs, cultural and recreational activities, nutrition, food, fitness, Letai College and other luxury hotel-like functions into the space with reasonable and well-planned layout to enrich their spiritual world. Each function echoes the other, with the dynamic separated from the static, and together with the smooth circulation, greatly enhances engagement, creating an interactive and experiential space.

Design Challenge

In addition to various functions, the designer also brings splendid natural beauty into the space, integrating the indoor with the outdoor scenery. The sunlight passes through the transparent ceiling and displays the beauty of changing seasons. Among the flying artistic butterflies, the whisper between light and shadow tells stories of the elegant golden years .
For the emotional and human care, the design creatively explores barrier-free, the elderly-friendly and refined configuration, and builds a diverse and integrated space in the new urban senior living ecosystem, offering a sense of belonging and peace of mind.


Materials with comfortable texture and reminiscent of old time set off the warm, cozy and vigorous space. Open flower halls, shopping windows and stalls add fun to life while strolling around.
The Designer is using natural original wood color and other warm colors as the pallet and meanwhile refreshing and bright artworks to go with it to set up a vigorous, natural and cozy space. The inspiration for the space design is derived from the unique Shanghai culture: “Relive the memories of Shanghai in the last century with Shanghai-style old songs, and sing praises to the glorious life of the elders with the voice of the times”.


This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.
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