Project Overview

Home is a warm harbor that releases people’s worldly exhaustion and depression. The designer cleverly uses the stone-patterned and waterflow-like tiles, interweaving with the warm wood so that the interior blooms with the vitality of nature and demonstrates an indulgent and comfortable vibe. In addition, the extensive use of black, white, and gray as the primary color, with golden objects and lines as embellishment, creates a modern, light, and luxurious style.


Tian Cheng Design Co., Ltd.



Project Brief

Walking into the living room with water-flow-like marble and brown wooden floors, the occupant will see the sunlight from the window diffusing on the white wall. The implementation of open black lockers and gold items echoes the colors of the paintings on the walls. Grey-toned sofas and apricot-colored rugs harmonize the proportions of the space. The arc-shaped ceiling and the rounded rectangular marble table depict a tranquil home image as one walks along with the black-ground gold-lined wall panel to the dining room. Bronze vases placed on the dining table add a touch of nobility. The designer combined marble floor tiles with wooden floors and embedded copper wires to divide the dining area into an exclusive place. In the kitchen, the fire stove is changed to an IH stove to reduce the risk of gas leakage. The study is arranged in gray, white, and brown, with some green plants and deep-sea blue objects embellishing it, which, together with the hanging paintings, create a leisurely image of outdoor waterscapes.

Project Need

As one enters the master bedroom from the shared living space, a small entrance is set up as a transition zone so that the area has complete privacy. Earth color tones with black objects and metal elements can be found in the master bedroom. The neat golden lines shine between the white ceiling and black items, making the room elegant and luxurious. Grayscale colors dominate the second bedroom, and the soft bed is matched with cotton and linen materials to create layers through the conversion of material textures. When entering the bathroom, where black marble is the primary color, one will see a bathtub by the window with a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery outside. The design of double sinks is not only beautiful and fashionable but also practical. Another guest bathroom with iron-grey stone as the base comes with titanium-plated mirrors to create a low-key luxury in the space.

Design Challenge

The whole floor plan extends from the center's dining room to the surrounding areas. The space is made of wood and delicate stone patterns so that the cold carrier-like house retains the warm residential space. In the shared living area, unique stone materials simulate water flowing through the space, and the color changes embrace the areas as if you are in an aqua city in the Milky Way. The atmosphere created by the space arrangement relieves people’s exhausted bodies and minds, immersing the occupants in a space where they can release stress, have a self-conversation, and relax their minds.


All the regular windows in the house are replaced by those which isolate ultraviolet rays and solar radiation. Besides, this type of window is in line with the conditions of environmentally friendly green buildings, which reduces the damage of ultraviolet rays and reduces the indoor temperature to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

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