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Project Overview

This case is a four-story tiny house, each floor is only 40 square meters.

The interior was barred with numerous rectangular edges to the point where the space appeared aloof. The designer altered the area by adding curvatures in-wall designs, thus converting a tense room with sharp edges into a balanced and harmonious interior with a soft and welcoming beckon. The curves echo balance throughout the property with minimal effort, improving visual quality and projecting simplistic and warm vibes. These combinations, paired with the client’s historical background of appreciating modernistic yet rural aesthetics, illuminate a calm, serene aura.


Woota Chuan Design Inc


Chief Designer : Yi-Ling Tasi

Project Brief

This project combines the desire to have a modern appearance while resembling the rural farm-style housing to complement the client’s childhood history. The design transformation utilizes innovative materials, balancing natural materials and modern elements through avant-garde techniques. Meticulously hand-picked décor and materials were selected to resemble and resonate with the client’s farmhouse-style housing wishes. The result satisfied the client’s expectations that the client yearned for nostalgic childhood home memories.

The elements of the rural lifestyle, such as the shapes of hats, rice fields, fences, and other essences of a farm lifestyle, its elements are presented and fused into the décor in the form of grids as boxes, ripples on surfaces symbolizing rice fields, and barricades as fences. The kitchen ceiling uses roofing elements of a farmhouse, resulting in an infusing effect and blending the appearance of beams, columns, and edges to create an old-school wooden yet modern aesthetic. The surfaces are kissed with warmth and serenity in combination with gorgeous illuminating lighting.

Project Need

Unlike the popular modern style interior, this project interprets the country style with a combination of modern aesthetics to create a balanced environment. The interior relies on classical furniture appearance to integrate the modernistic look while utilizing stylish lines to replicate the sense of the outdoor rice fields. The astounding result was a sophisticated yet minimalistic modern home with materials and textures that resonate with the client’s background. The skillful color selection created mesmerizing comfort to eject out the walls and greet occupants with an embrace.

The design process depended on the owner’s essence in his past, assisting in design concepts to form a natural and livable home. The elements the client projects from his rural lifestyle in the past merge with the newly designed home with the help of master craftsmanship and planning experts, assisting in creating a work of art for this project. These aspects combined result in an everlasting resemblance of the client’s core and characteristics in recreating a home that dances between the line of a simplistic modern home and a country-style interior.

Design Challenge

This project was met with the challenge of installing an indoor elevator to better suit the needs of the elderly. The resulting factor of the elevator was the reduction of usable space for everyday use. Intending to maintain a comfortable and functional home, the designer separated the function of each room in clear distinction. Each floor serves a purpose while the design concept remained the same to connect and blend the interior without projecting the sense of entering a different area, preserving a continuous flow of comfort.


The building materials originate from environmentally friend manufacturing methods, reducing toxic substances and harmful materials. The use of environmentally friendly building materials throughout the house enforces and assists in sustainability for long-term use. The wooden structure with beautiful intricate curvature provides supporting properties, strengthening the infrastructure and resulting in a more durable and long-lasting home.

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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