Key Dates

4 July - Launch Deadline
3 October - Standard Deadline
14 November - Late Deadline
10 January 2025 - Judging
15 January 2025 - Winners Announced
Welcome to the AUSTRALIAN Design Award program, part of the BETTER FUTURE Award network, the largest network of design award programs across the globe.
The focus of the AUSTRALIAN Design Awards is Better Together - inspired by the “Uluru Statement of the Heart”. Australia has a troubled past, and with time and effort, those issues can be healed. We have an amazing future ahead, a future that will be Better Together - inclusive, equity-based, sustainable, and have strong economics – the core values of BETTER FUTURE.
The awards winners will be announced before Australia Day, enabling us to shine a spotlight on those projects that are building a stronger, more inclusive, and more sustainable Australia. Our goal is to provide juxtaposition to other important discussions about unfortunate histories and the growth of a modern nation post white settlement.
Together we can imagine a BETTER FUTURE. We can heal and evolve into the nation we imagine. Together is the key.
The AUSTRALIAN Design Awards is an open nomination program covering the whole of Australia and features Elevated winning projects from our Australia Award Capitals – Melbourne and Sydney. It’s time to recognise the courage, excellence and diversity of design lead projects that are transforming Australia into the future that we collectively imagine and want to create.

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