2012 Melbourne Design Awards

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Premier's Design Awards

The Premier’s Design Awards have a unique and prestigious position in Victoria. They illustrate the latest in design thinking both from Victorian designers and Victorian businesses that use design, demonstrating excellence and innovation.

The Premier’s Design Awards recognise and reward excellence and leadership in the use of design, where design has been used effectively, sustainably and strategically to innovate, increase market share, boost productivity and/or boost competiveness and exports.

This year the Premier's Design Awards are being run in conjunction with the 2012 Melbourne Design Awards, upon signing in and entering you will have access to both the Premier's Design Awards and Melbourne Design Awards via your Awards Console. Please note that the Premier's Design Awards are free to enter.  The two sets of awards have different criteria and the judging will be conducted separately.

For full information and criteria download the Premier's Design Award Information Kit

Applications closed: 3 July 2012

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