2015 New York Design Awards

spaces, objects, visual, graphic, digital & experience design
design champion, best studio, best start-up & best supplier
plus over 40 specialist categories

accelerate transformation, celebrate courage
growing demand for design

Maker Design - Tech

Tech-makers appear to come from two schools -new tech and
old tech, either way you've worked on how to create something that few could
imagine. Your project is remarkable as you've mastered tech, made it your
friend and  finished off with a project that is kicking it all over town.

Your project will fall into one of the following markets:

Domestic - Domestic Maker projects
represent the consumer connecting with a unique piece, be it a tool for home,
an artefact or a practical item to assist with a regular home function.

Community - Community Maker projects represent the community
connecting with your project. It might be an item to create a mood, a learning
device to help advance your community or a practical item to assist with a
community function.

Commercial - Commercial Maker projects find their way into
corporate and government environments, sometimes as highly functional low
production runs, other times as one off custom items designed specifically for
task. Projects that show the maker's skill, courage and design insights will
shine here.

New York City now closed for nominations

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