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Voltera: Your Circuit Board Prototyping Machine





Project Overview

Print your circuit boards, dispense solder paste, and reflow! The Voltera V-One lets you go from concept to creation in minutes.



Project Brief

Building hardware sucks! Whenever we wanted to create a circuit board for an electronics project, we were forced to mess around with dangerous chemicals or send it to a fab house and wait for weeks for the board to arrive.

The Voltera V-One can create a prototype board right from your work bench. Gerber files go in; FR4 boards come out. The magic happens in the middle... the printer lays down a conductive ink to create the traces and an insulating ink as a mask between layers.

These boards aren't meant to replace mass manufactured PCBs - this is a prototyping tool that helps you get there faster. How many times have you tossed out a board because you used the wrong footprint or because you forgot a pull-up resistor? If you're anything like us... more times than you'd like to admit. Now you can quickly test an idea without wasting money or two weeks of your time!

But what if you have ten or twenty traditionally fabbed boards that need to be populated? Did we mention that the printer is also a solder paste dispenser and can reflow as well? Handy!

Project Innovation/Need

The printer only has one button and the ink cartridges snap on and off magnetically. Our software will guide you through every step and will handle all the file conversions. Pretty simple!

Conductive ink dispensing
When we say simple... we mean for you. Hitting the spec we set out for ourselves was incredibly difficult but we're hoping our hard work means your life becomes easier!

Creating a two layer board is a breeze… While designing, keep the vias and layers like you normally would. After the first layer is printed and cured, swap in the insulating ink cartridge.

Swappable print heads
The software automatically detects trace intersections and lays down a mask where two traces overlap.

Design Challenge

If you’re still etching or milling your own boards, gone are the days of aligning double sided boards and fly-wiring through tiny holes just to get your circuit to work!

Once your board is ready for components to be added, set your iron to 240 C and solder away! (Reflow onto Voltera printed boards is currently under development)

Are dev boards the first step in your development cycle? Do you find yourself with a mess of satellite boards wired up to the micro? Each printer comes with template boards that are cut to shape and pre-drilled to get you up and running ASAP.

This award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or overall product. Consideration given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and the overall function.
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