2014 US Mobile & App Design Awards

2014 US Mobile & App Awards program

There has been an incredible shift in the way that we communicate with people. You can witness it in any city or one-street-town across the US. We are now more connected and within reach than at any time before.

And it all happens from a device that has become an essential part of our physical being.

This is what makes these awards so full of anticipation. We’re only at the beginning of this revolution in personal devices. The mobile phone, the tablet and the ridiculously named phablet, are still rudimentary in both design and function. However, there is a wealth of innovation and excitement in the apps that are being produced.

This is where we see the courage of designers and those who commission design. It's here that this awards program focuses.

design100 is proud introduce its US Mobile & App Design awards and celebrate the courage of endeavor in one of the great design nations of the world.

It adds another program to our list of international award programs that now extend over three continents. We look at design from both the view of the creator and the commissioner. The awards provide a unique opportunity for all sectors of the industry to participate across an extensive range of categories and achieve marketplace recognition.

Over the last few years we have developed a thriving community of design professionals and people in the marketplace who consume and commission a large percentage of the work nominated.

There’s probably a lot more that you would like to know:

How does the judging work?

Why should I nominate?

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