$5.9B USD worth of design projects celebrated in the Hong Kong Design Awards

17 October 2017 | Nick Esser

$5.9B US dollars of design projects have been celebrated in the Hong Kong Design Awards as winners were presented with their awards trophies at a special ceremony on Tuesday October 17 in Mid-Levels. 

Design in Hong Kong is big business. While the city is known for it’s famous sky scrapers, according to Awards Chair Mark Bergin, it is the more public design projects such as municipal and street ammenities, retail and restaurants that cleaned up in the awards.

“This year we’ve seen a huge step towards significant public design projects that show just how Hong Kong is harnessing design to accelerate its cultural growth,” Mr Bergin said.

“It’s not that large sky scrapers are less relevant, more so we’ve seen a step towards design projects that enrich the city more broadly fuelled by an ever increasing creative economic sector.” 

The multi-disciplinary design awards represent the best of the Hong Kong design market. Award winning projects came from categories as diverse graphic and digital design, as well as product and set design, and shows the diversity of the Hong Kong design market.

The awards also suggest that design in the city is going through a period of innovation and transition as young designers are successfully synthesising global design themes with elements from Hong Kong’s vibrant culture.

‘’Hong Kong is currently going through a state design innovation and change. The projects in this year’s awards program clearly show a growing sophistication in the city’s design marketplace and represent a successful coupling of global trends and local design features.

“The courage demonstrated by clients and creative teams to drive this process is immense and all parties involved deserve recognition for their involvement in bringing this about,” Mr Bergin added.

The Sydney Design Awards is a BETTER FUTURE awards program, which also incorporates eight global design capitals.

Established in Australia, the BETTER FUTURE design awards also take place in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Hong Kong and Berlin, providing the design community critical links into global markets and an efficient method to gain recognition in export markets.

''We are extremely proud and excited about the success of the Hong Kong Design Awards” added Mr Bergin.

“We look forward to its continuing growth and further involvement from leading design organisations, studios and brands as we work together to strengthen the design economy and increase awareness about the importance and unquestionable benefits of extraordinary design.''

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