Design projects worth €2.5B celebrated in Berlin Design Awards

6 November 2017 | Nick Esser

€2.5B worth of design projects have been celebrated in the 2017 Berlin Design Awards as winners are announced. 

“We’re thrilled to celebrate such an outstanding collection of award-winning project from across Berlin and Germany’s diverse design marketplace,” said Berlin Design Awards Chairman Mark Bergin.

According to Mr Bergin, the collection of projects brought together by the awards demostrate that Berlin city has become one of the world’s leading creative cities, where innovation and design are not only significant economic drivers but contribute to the health and wellbeing of city and its inhabitants.  

“Berlin is a global design city. The quality of projects depth of entries in this year’s awards demonstrate that design in Berlin is clearly thriving,” said Mr Bergin.

“As well as enriching lives, design contributes to the city’s economy and it is vital to recognise those with the courage to create and design excellence.” 

Unique to the awards, each category is shared between the commissioner and the designer; recognising that relationships and collaboration are at the heart of the design industry.  

“It’s fantastic to see so many courageous design commissioners and designers collaborating and producing outstanding design projects. These relationships are essential to the design industry and need to be celebrated for the industry to continue it’s outstanding performance,” said Mr Bergin.

The Berlin Design Awards is organised by BETTER FUTURE a global community of 75,000 design experts that celebrate creative courage, recognise design excellence and grow demand for design. 

BETTER FUTURE run design awards throughout the world including San Francisco, New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney, and provide the design community links into global markets and an efficient method to gain recognition in export markets.

"We are extremely proud and excited about the success of our Berlin program,” said Mr Bergin.

“And we’re excited about its continuing growth and further involvement from leading design organisations, studios and brands as we work together to strengthen the design economy and increase awareness about the social importance and economic benefits of extraordinary design.”

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