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23 April 2019 | Mark Bergin

Most of us have experienced 3D printing, it’s just we probably didn’t know it. It’s people like Scott Summit that have been working for decades on how to drive the engineering, innovation and productization of 3D printing that has taken it ahead in leaps and bounds. Scott is particularly interesting as he’s taken a complex engineering solution and applied it to create very human outcomes – outcomes that have established or restored dignity where traditional medical solutions didn’t.

This capacity to create a human moment built on dignity, ability and pride is pure magic – another aspect of our future that is quickly accelerating.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Scott’s latest work, but there was one catch: as amazing as it was, I wasn’t allowed to speak about what I was seeing. Now, that’s all changed, as Scott’s been busy publishing elements of his work portfolio and the organisations that he has been working for have released details of the projects. When I last spoke to Scott, he told me he was working on some great things but couldn’t tell me…

In the last few years the heat has gone out of the 3D printing market, but not the projects. The buzz that existed in 2014 was an equity buzz, the reality of what’s been delivered now is altering the lives of everyday people. It’s estimated now that there are over 80,000 3D printed parts monthly, that’s close to 30 million a year! Plus the International Space Station is printing tools - this saves weight and redefines the amount that needs to be propelled into space, also lowering the impact on the environment. 3D printing has so many applications - we just need to keep looking.

We’re linking to a series of videos that will help to grow your understanding on where Scott’s work is heading, and more importantly how 3D printing is helping to create a Better Future for all. Be that replacing a plaster cast, dental aligners, prosthetic fairings, pre-operative guides or the jet engine nozzles to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It looks like the Scotts amongst us are taking applied engineering and layering in applied design to deliver the necessary human layer to these amazing advancements.

Scott Summit | Exponential Manufacturing | SingularityU Spain Summit 2019 [Author: Singularity University]
Wrist Fracture Cast
The Snake Robot
Cooper Hewitt Leg
Tibia Fracture Cast

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