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Project Overview

My eVault is a unique and exciting innovation in personal inventory, travel and insurance management apps. Key information (photos, receipts and warranties) on all your valuable possessions, travel documents and insurance policies are easily recorded in one place and available at your fingertips. The app is described as being the app for life as it provides asset management capability on the go and provides peace of mind where ever you are.


Rocket Innovation Group


Rocket Innovation Group worked collaboratively with Sentia and independent graphic designers to develop My eVault.

Rocket Innovation Group - Ron Voon and team
Sentia - Michael Cindric and team

Project Brief

The brief was to deliver a premium app design and experience that will stand out against other productivity and finance apps on the market. The app targets anyone who has acccumulated valuable items of purchase, first home buyers, people moving house, high net worth individuals, frequent travellers, personal users needing to revalue assets and insurance customers. My eVault was developed to help users keep track of their valuable possessions, know how much they are worth, quickly record how they are protected (insurance and warranty information) and provide a hassle-free way to manage their personal assets.

The brief also required the development of a secure, easy-to-use, mobile repository for anything in the home – from simple paperwork to high-value collectibles. The app would offer users the convenience of portability – information is available anywhere, anytime – plus convenience and peace-of-mind in the event of loss, theft or damage.

It was created to provide app utility beyond traditional asset register software that are available in the market. My eVault was also developed for commercial potential and emerging partnership opportunities in the pipeline.

Project Need

My eVault has the following innovative features:

1. World class bespoke design that is simple and intuitive
2. One of a kind integrated asset management, insurance and travel management tool
3. Advanced security features - numeric colour passcode entry, configurable timeout, and quick lock security to protect app data instantly
4. Call-to-action tag functionality – manage assets on the go e.g. tag your tv and set a push reminder to sell it, tag assets you can claim on tax by selecting a tax claimable percentage for each relevant asset
5. Instant onscreen and PDF reporting of all personal assets for insurance, warranty, valuation and tax claims in less than 30 seconds, Save PDF reports to cloud apps (Dropbox, Evernote, etc…), AirPrint or email instantly
6. Smart archive tool for assets you have disposed of for future reference
7. Set push notification reminders for insurance policies before they are due so you are always protected
8. Quick search bar – locate your assets quickly by typing the asset title in the search bar
9. Double tap photos to zoom in on details and then e-mail /copy to clipboard
10. Set warranty reminders before they are due. Allows user to be more aware of how long they are protected and extend warranties if available.
11. Insurance toolbar to help users estimate insurance needs with confidence, address underinsurance problem globally.

User Experience

My eVault was designed as a native app and uses intuitive and bespoke features that match regular iOS device interactions. The app takes full advantage of smartphone and tablet capabilities including camera, push notification reminders, calendar reminder view, voice assisted input (Siri), Airplay, AirPrint, data categorisation, scroll selection and cloud storage integration.

Due to important information being stored on the iOS device, users must create a numeric colour passcode and set up security Q&A's as a backup during app registration. Users have the ability to back-up data via iTunes or iCloud so that records are always kept current and easily retrievable in the event of loss.

My eVault users are able to enter data – through smartphone keyboard, camera or Siri – and must categorise each of their assets in the mobile register. This includes vital information that would assist with the item’s valuation, recovery or related insurance or tax claim. In addition, users are encouraged to enter for each asset - the title, make/model, purchase date, purchase price, supplier name and photograph the item and associated receipts and warranty information. This information is vital for claims (including but not limited to insurance, warranty, deductible tax percentage and police reports).

A beta test group were engaged in the iterative design, development and beta testing process to ensure the best possible user experience. Financial services organisations were also engaged to ensure the application met commercial opportunities and strategic objectives.

Project Marketing

My eVault began with a soft launch for the iPhone app pending approval into the App Store. The soft launch included app teaser iPhone videos and growing social media app presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Pinterest via word of mouth referral.

We then seeded PR which resulted in pick up in notable industry publications (including Virgin Australia Voyeur magazine, The Australian, Gizmodo, Lifehacker). Our company was also interviewed on Skynews Business regarding the application and we are seeking partnership opportunities with financial services organisations.

My eVault was launched with a new website and targeted direct email campaign to APAC media and insurance groups. It gained further traction with complementary 5 star reviews on iTunes and was recently featured by Apple as a “What’s Hot” productivity finance app.
We continue to communicate and promote new and existing functionality and reinforce the importance of record keeping to our valued users and prospects.

We created a 3D walkthrough video to promote the key features of the app and the RIG brand. Short teaser videos for the iPad release in June created interest in a number of highly engaged audiences. Our videos are now promoted globally, focussing on the integrated innovative features of the app for personal inventory, travel and insurance management.

My eVault has been promoted as the app for life as you acquire and dispose valuable items during your lifetime.

This category recognises the best new service or application on a mobile platform.
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