BETTER FUTURE Rebrand overview

We have been focused on championing the astounding impact of design on our society for 15 years (as BETTER FUTURE). Being from the demand side of the design industry, and through our research, we have distilled that we need to focus on; what unites those that demand design and those that create design.

One key statement that unifies these groups is BETTER FUTURE - with a strong economy, sustainable environment and social equity.

The Design Exec Club is now in its third era; the BETTER FUTURE Exec Club. Started in 2015, the first era's humble origins were an informal affair. The second era happened during the peak of COVID and we went digital to connect and share strategic information between executive level designers. The third era is about getting back to real life interaction and harnessing the power of a digitally connected global community.

BETTER FUTURE Building Foundation Ltd, (also know by it's product name BETTER FUTURE Endowment) was set up as a benevolent charity to aid women who are experiencing homelessness or are at threat of homelessness. The charity has created a simple three-step process to turn your capital gains tax liabilities into community benefits.

Over the next 3 to 5 years we’re looking at the potential to scale to between 300 and1000 community housing units that will be managed by charitable community housing organisations like Launch Housing or other women’s shelters around the country.

Most of you will have known us over the last decade as the Melbourne Design Awards or Sydney Design Awards or BETTER FUTURE. As part of our sharpened up brand we've consolidated under BETTER FUTURE - same awesome activity - now with a stronger statement of our values.

The BETTER FUTURE Award Programs are now the BETTER FUTURE Awards. Starting with the Melbourne Design Awards and now extending to New York, London, Sydney, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Brisbane, GOV Design Awards, Design Innovation Awards and Australian Design Awards - we're proud to have scaled up recognition of courageous, diverse and excellent design across the globe.