BETTER FUTURE Housing Foundation Ltd, was set up as a benevolent charity to aid women who are experiencing homelessness or are at threat of homelessness. The charity has created a simple three-step process to turn your capital gains tax liabilities into community benefits.

Over the next three to five years we’re looking at the potential to scale to between 300 and 1000 community housing units that will be managed by charitable community housing organisations like Launch Housing or other women’s shelters around the country.

The journey to becoming a benevolent charity
So far, we've gone through our strategic planning, formalised a board, organised a constitution and registered a limited company with ASIC and submitted an application to the ACNC to become a registered charity, set up a DGR donation partnership so we can accept donations NOW and held our launch event on 4 May - so we're well on our way.

The next chapter to becoming a benevolent charity
Sometime between now and Sept 2022, we expect the ACNC approval to come through, and then the ATO needs to give us the thumbs up. At this point, we'll move from using a DGR donation partner to accepting donations directly. Following that we'll take a deep breath as we'll be fully set up to operate at our full capacity.

Does that mean you should hold back on donating until then - NO
There are ways that you can create an immediate impact:

DONATE - charity partners

Want to go fast go alone, want to go long and deep go together. The BETTER FUTURE Housing Foundation Ltd. is a piece of a complex puzzle, here are three outstanding organisations that we've donated to over the last two years, we recommend that you do alike. Every donation that helps the homeless or at risk is creating an impact.

BETTER FUTURE Housing Foundation Pledge

The first stage in your donation journey is this pledge form. A pledge isn't a financial commitment but a statement of intent. It will help you and your accountant plan for the most tax-effective giving cycle and help our team as well.

We've structured donations into 6 options based on how much of your gain you would like to use to offset losses and change the future for women who are homeless or at threat of homelessness.

Let's start the journey to a Better Future together.

Pledge levels
Double Diamond - 100% of gain
Diamond - 24 months of gain
Platinum - 12 months of gain
Gold - 6 months of gain
Silver - 3 months of gain
Bronze - one month of gain

Thank you for choosing to pay it forward!